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Do you love power armor. Do you think power armor is supposed to be. . . Powerful, well now it is. Everyone who wears power armor is a force to be reckoned with, just like you. Just like things should have been all a long.

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[size=15]Power Armor Revamped[/size]

3.Thourough Break Down


1. Power Armor was not very "powerful", to think that power armor was the epitome of technological advancement before and after the great war and all it provided was a DT of. . . 25 and 30? Not anymore, no longer will power armor be on the level of medium armor!!!

2. Fallout New Vegas, the urge to have more powerful armor. That's it.

3. All power armor from now on will weigh close to 80lbs, your supposed to be a walking tank, not some guy in leather chaps. Now 80lbs may seem like a lot but the armor itself gives you a carrying bonus of 120lbs. So when wearing it you can actually carry 40lbs more, but if not, well who am I kidding. No one in the real world would just carry around power armor for fun, it would be too heavy. All power armor now provides a bonus 70 total resistance to radiation; and you'll always receive a strength bonus of 2. While wearing a power armor helmet that weighs around 10lbs you'll be able to breath underwater, and you'll have a perception bonus of 1. Now some more "unique" armors will provide extra bonuses. The only set of armor that actually is worse for you than beneficial is the ncr salvaged power armor. Because the armor itself has been pretty much stripped of everything "powerful" it still has a higher DT, but lacks all the other benefits of the power armor series.

*There was rumor that at a downed vertibird remnants tesla armor was found. Robots surrounding the immediate area have made it almost impossible to recover though. Maybe you'll succeed in recovering and claiming it.

*A long time ago it was said that a brave Brotherhood Of Steel Paladin set off to kill a terrifying monster. One of the largest monsters known to man, said to be found in Dead Wind Cavern. The paladin had a set of prototype power armor known as the "Prototype Medic Armor"; this armor alone was not powerful enough to save him though. Maybe you will have the skill to kill the beast and reclaim his weapon and armor.

*The enclave was doing some investigating in Bloodborne Cave, their research team was run off by a deadly creature and in the midst of their escape they lost one of their powerful suits of Tesla Armor. Maybe you will have the skill and guile to retrieve it.

*Its been leaked that the enclave lost a suit of there treasured Shocktrooper Armor in a mesquite mountain crater. The last filed report said it was dropped in the highly irradiated water surrounding one of the buildings. Perhaps it's still there.

Comments and questions are welcome and I am more than open to suggestions in relation to improvements that can be made. Thank you all for trying my mod; and if you wish to see improvements for the scorched sierra power armor let me know!!


0.01- File Upload

0.02- Reworked Underwater Breathing Script, actually works now. Make sure you drop all helmets you currently have, pick back up, and re-equip for the new script to take effect.

0.03- Patch

0.03a- PN Patch

0.04- New file, reworked script, incorporated new armors and added Knight Torres as a vendor of armors


EDIT*** For those that believe that this mod is game breaking I understand. A DT of 70 is Monstrous, But you might consider playing the game on the very hard difficulty or downloading a couple of other mods that add new monsters and quests. Mods like:

- New Vegas Bounties I by Someguy2000

- New Vegas Bounties II by Someguy2000

- A World Of Pain by Dj Mystro

- Wasteland Defense by Elderwind

- IWS-Increased Wasteland Spawns by Russell Castle Meakim Jr and HarderMan


- Deimos by Alexander J Velicky

- Beyond Boulder Dome by The Beyond Boulder Dome Team

- Beyond the Borders - New Lands by thelonewarrior

- When Worlds Collide by Ironman5000

I highly recommend all these mods, they have in depth quests and more enemies than you could ask for. If you wish to see versions of my mod with lower DT's though, let know and i will add a new file for download.