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A new type of weapon that can fire all powder based pistol and rifle ammunition, with a HUD display to tell you what type of ammunition you're currently firing. Integrates seamlessly with a hotkey for ammo swapping, and utilizing Selective Fire by Pelinor for even more options.

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This mod needs NVSE

Like something straight out of science fiction, this gun will let you fire every type of bullet ammunition in the game from a single, compact platform. The Callahan Fullbore Autolock is an experimental weapon developed at the Black Mountain Research Facility. In times past, it was 'rescued' from said facility, and has had many owners since. The most recent owner, a man they call Jayne, ran into some tough times (he's dead), and now the gun is looking for a new owner. The previous owner was heard saying something about "being in his bunk" and "You can't stop the signal", before he headed off.

Features of the Callahan Fullbore Autolock:
  • Fire all powder based pistol and rifle ammunition
  • Hotkey based caliber swapping (default Y)
  • HUD display for the current ammunition
  • Smart ammo selection, will select the next/first available ammo when switching/equipping
  • Built in support for iHUD/oHUD
  • Two models to chose from. The Firefly classic Vera model, and the alternate Fallout style model

Additionally, the mod is now compatible with both Pelinor's and jazzisparis' selective fire mods.

The Callahan Fullbore Autolock is a heavily scripted weapon that relies on NVSE and Selective Fire. It allows you to carry one gun to fire all types of bullets. Ammo switching is done by tapping the Y key. There will be a very slight delay, to allow you to quickly cycle through ammo without the character constantly reloading the gun.

Damage and weapon stats are changed for each caliber. The changes should be affected by your skills and perks instantly. Damage is set as a static value which again, should scale with your perks etc. The damage value was decided by taking the unique version of a weapon from each caliber (if there is a unique weapon), and adding a bit more damage about equivalent to the unique over the normal. Where a unique didn't exist, the same method was used to get the damage value over the normal weapon.

If you have no ammo that the weapon can fire, then the HUD element will display a NONE value.

This gun is heavy. This is to compensate for how over powered it can become with perks and high power ammo. There are is a weapon mod available for this weapon, a scope, making this a viable mid-range sniping weapon. It also has built in checks to let you know if you are missing the HUD elements, and if you don't have NVSE.

For the exact location, check out the optional download file.

  1. Make sure you meet the Requirements (listed below).
  2. Using a mod manager, activate the mod, and follow the instructions.
  3. Reactivate Unified HUD mod to fix all HUD include files.

These are not suggested, you MUST have all three of these for the weapon to work and look correct. Any comments made about the weapon looking wrong, or not working will be ignored.
  • NVSE
  • Weapon Retexture Project by Millenia (for alternate model)
  • Most likely a HUD mod with different fonts (I use DarnUI), and a widescreen monitor.

These are issues I know exist. If anyone points out anything else, I'll add them.
  • The Precision and Bottomless perks in Signature weapons will not work with Vera. There is no way around this due to the way the two mods work.
  • The installer will sometimes fail to install properly when using NMM. It is suggested to use FOMM for installation.
  • Swapping to Vera with the FPS Weapon Wheel mod or using a grenade hotkey mod will cause Vera to stop working properly, and result in an error. This is due to how the game handles equipping items, and there is nothing I can do about this. To get around the issue add Vera to one of the 1-8 hotkeys and re-equip that way.