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Ever looked at a billboard and thought to your self \"man that would make a good snipers nest.\" ? i want to expand, read the: Things to look forward to\" section to find out how to help me do it :D

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Hello fellow wastelanders. :) Have you ever looked at a billboard and thought to your self "Man that would make a good snipers nest." ? Well wonder no longer!

The Ladder Restoration Porject or LRP fo short brings to you the functionality of the ladders to all the tall billboards across the wasteland, and even the guard towers around the camp McCaren wall. Thats right you no longer have to longingly look up at those guards as they fire down on fiends, now you can do it too :D.

I took the liberty of also converting a few select locations into camps you can use to just kick back and relax. After all home isnt always close enough when you need a place to sleep.

I didnt include water towers as they are imposter images, meaning that yes they look all pretty an such, but you cant walk around up there. However, i am working on a fix for them im just not happy with what i have one on them so far so i will release the watertowers as a seperate file at a later date.

If anyone finds a billboard i somehow missed, or has any ideas on things to add/improve on just let me know in the comments.

9/30/2012 Now with Enemies! another optional file that brings a small new gang to the wasteland. I just didnt feel like putting random raiders on the billboardsso i made a small group called the ladder gang. composed of snipers riflemen gun slingers and someguys with sledgehammers. have fun! :)---see old version---

9/30/2012 Water towers are here! after long last and much tweaking, i finally got them to where i best could make them. some notes on water towers. inorder to make them walkable i had to increase the size of them. in my opnion just the sheere size of them now makes them more realisitc. and the tower in the crimson caravan is the same as the guard towers on the McCarren wall. you have to go inside the crimson caravan to gain enterance to the water tower, and once you are up there you will be able to see the outside wasteland, but not the inside of crimson caravan. this is due to crimson caravan being its own worldspace. other than that everything should be good have fun, and most imortantly enjoy. (Watertower file is its own seperate file. if you want billboards and water towers you must have both files. But neither file is required to have the other one)

9/30/2012 Silos have been canclled. after looking through the geck i found there are only 3 silos in the game that arent broken, and they are all very close together. Sorry :(

10/7/2012- Now with less rediculously overpowered enemies. The laddergang was a tad overpowered, so i set them to scale to the players level, chaged their armor and gave the snipers sniper rifles instead of AM rifles. and also deleted some of them so they woudnt be ovrpowered if you are useing IWS. Happy hunting, and have fun :)

10/17/2012- At long last the first Nexus Community Pack is here. adding the Welcome to NewVegas Sign from te opening movie, and the top of the lucky 38 is now asseccable. the enterance to the top can be found to left of the main enterance. Should be easy enough to find.

11/7/2013- was browsing the nexus today and found a very good substitute for the watertowers plugin of my mod. Water Towers Enhancement by Morkam seriously check it out, its worth a look :)
Things to look forward to:
-i am always open to ideas to expand this mod and heres how you can help. post a screenshot of a location you would like to see made accessable and for every 10 screenshots i will make and release a "community screenshot pack" of the locations.

the only bug found or reported so far is with Water Tower Reworked mod by shockwave171. iv tested it, and you should still be able to use the mod via the ladder on the leg of th water tower. but the ladders from my oversized water tower will be floating in the air. Thanks to fiskin1 for he bug report.

oh and on last thing, Please dont forget to endorse :o

and just one more last thing ;P Upload some images :D ide love to see how all you wonderful people are enjoying the mod. :)

10/1/2012 Made the Hot files :D thanks to everyone who downloaded and endorsed couldnt have been done without you all :D super excited because this is only my second ever mod and now have inspiration to continue modding!!