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Items glow to make them easier to see.

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In the Prosectors Saloon in Good Springs is a terminal. activate it and click on give me Glasses of sight to get the glasses that makes items glow and the remote configuration device. next select the item types you want to glow. turn it on in the item menu and select the color in the color menu. now all items of those types will glow the selected color.

To use the remote configuration device. equip it and close the pipboy. a terminal will appear.You will get the remote configuration device when you get the glasses.

Armor, Weapons, Ammo, Books, Containers, Clothing, Bobby pins, Caps, Ingestibles, Miscellaneous, Ingredients, pickable plants, Star caps, Mines, Traps, Pre-war money, Nuka-Cola, Sunset Sarsaparilla, Water, Cigarettes, Faction currency, Weapon mods, Stimpaks, Skill books, Skill magazines, and dead bodies.

Red, green, blue, yellow, white, purple, and Orange.

Some creatures get a shader applied to them when they have no items.


V1 Version
I've made several items glow, so they are easier to see.

Chems (Jet only had a faint shade to it)
Stimpak (both normal and super)
Sunset Sarsaparilla
Bobby pins
Star caps (only the star on the bottom glows)
Purified water
Dirty water
Skill books
Skill magazines
Health kits
Pre-war money
NCR money
Legion money
All Ammo except for the fat man.

This is meant to be used with HDR turned on so the items glow.

I use neon red, yellow, green and blue because they stand out in normal lighting and pop in darker areas.

I've added an Fomod ready archive. download with NMM or use FOMM to install. if you don't use either of those you need to use the all in one file.

Manual installation
Extract the data folder and drop it in the Fallout new vegas folder. the folder path will drop everything in it's correct place.

NMM installation
Download it to the manager and check the box next to it.

If their is an item you would like to see glow, leave a comment and I will try to make it.

Skyrim version
Oblivion version
Fallout 3 version