Fallout New Vegas

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Hes gonna kick ass and chew bolts. And hes all out of bolts...

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Presenting Coops! The Ass Kicking Machine!
* You want protection? COOPS!
* You want a little feller to follow you around? COOPS!
* You want Coops? COOPS!
Hello everyone! I'm presenting my first companion mod. Coops doesn't have a companion wheel or dialog, but he has a good attitude, he kicks ass, and hes ADORABLE. AWWWWW!
Here's all you gotta know about Coops.
* Unlike some companion robots, he doesn't interfere with other companions (Unless they're PUSSIES.)
* He also wont try to murder you brutally! He saves that for when your asleep! (Sleep with one eye open tonight!)
* Hes also like. Just. Hilarious. You can't understand how weird he looks when he punches until you actually download the mod and see for yourself (Seriously try it out!)

All you have to do to activate him, is open up your Pipboy/Pimpboy and teleport somewhere on the map. He will automaticly teleport to you.


(On a small note I want to say, no the robot isnt dancing hes punching the air.)