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Added: 11/09/2012 - 05:41AM
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Hello, I am JCDenton2012 and this is the Hive Starter Packet. This esp file contains a Hive Core built by merging the core concept designs from the Resident Evil Hives of Afterlife and Resident Evil 1 movies. This mod contains a fully designed Hive Core from which other mod designers can create a Hive dungeon by adding separate interiors around the hive core through linked doorways. Since I have no way of knowing how much of this Hive people are going to use I only navmeshed the top 4 Hive Rings. Laser Hallways of Death not included. The Hive design includes roughly 3k in individual pieces assembled in an interior cell called “HiveCore.” There is also a SCOL called Hive Core that you can recreate from existing pieces should you wish to alter the core design.

Mod requires all DLC and the New Vegas Esm.

Instillation is drag and drop, by placing the esp the Data folder and check it off in the GECK to start working on your own personal Hive mod.

Usage: Just list me in your credits. Nothing fancy.

Q/A: Are you coming back to this?
Nope… I have a Machinima to worry about now, or as KDStudios calls it, “my work on Fallout 4.” LOL