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Quaint player home nestled in Mountain Shadows Campground. Includes working BBQ which functions as a campfire for crafting and which can be turned on and off, as well as a small single room hidden weapon cache for you to find you way into.

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Nothing really super special about this ....... and really ....... you all already know the song and dance. Couldn't find anything I liked in the right color out in the Mojave, so I found a spot I liked and set up shop. ;)

For some reason I really like the look of a tent surrounded by a base or foundation of sandbags and beams to support a metal roof. Being as the 'locale' is luxurious Mountain Shadows Campground, I liked the nostalgic twinge I found myself feeling. Things went forward from there .... borrowed a few concepts from Goodsprings Source and other in game sources for inspiration. Includes and outside shower, some water barrels that work as clean water activators, and a fully functional BBQ that acts as a campfire complete with "push button" ignition. Say goodbye to wasted matches ladies and gentlemen. If you notice ..... there ARE two .... count 'em TWO gates. A main gate and a back gate. Both are locked sucka ...... you'll have to find the key. I always put my key by the door I went to all the time when I was "coming home in a hurry. Usually under a rock." H I N TH I N T And like I said there is a one room underground lockup. You'll have to find it, and the red pass card which opens the hatch. For some reason there's never any room on top of my bedroom dresser. Just piles of shit.H I N TH I N T

Anyway .... I don't think I need to say too too much about this one ..... it IS about as straight forward as it gets. I hope you get the hints lmao I have made them fairly obvious. As for details about the place I'll let the pictures say it for me ;)

Enjoy :D

Outside of main gate to the right in the nook in the rock wall is a hollow rock container containing the gate key. Pass card for the armory is on the dresser inside the tent.

- BBQ Grills that Work by badfrog