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A Hidden Facility has been recently uncovered after 20 years of silence and seclusion.
They've got a serious amounting problem; and your going in to help them.

Permissions and credits
The Rockwell Descent. A New Questline In the Mojave, and Easy to Install.
Made for you. 'Cause You are Awesome!
If your having trouble finding things in the quests, come back and read this page

(Read the following in the voice of Morgan Freeman)

Rockwell Facilities has been hidden under the Mojave sands for more than Twenty Years.
And now a strange group called the Tantrum have broken through their defences for reasons unknown.

The Operations Overseer there has sent out distress messages to Goodsprings and Primm. But no message ever reached their destinations... After stumbling upon the facility you decide to venture down into her bowels, and uncover a daring plot that will remain with you for years to come....


-- Unlike the Rockwell Pursuit, The Rockwell Descent is a mod that was made very early in regards to my knowledge of the GECK, and in this infancy some irreversible mistakes and brazen oversights in its production have cropped up. Only through its place in the Rockwell Series and your requests has it stayed live on the nexus. I strongly recommend a playthrough followed by an uninstall. --

Creators Notes:

-Rockwell Descent is a thrilling new Medium-Sized Lore-Friendly Quest that shoves you right into the heart of a secretive facility, The Quest starts once you've discovered Rockwell Facilities, located north of Goodsprings at the site of the old Tribal Village. It is there where you must plunge down under the Mojave and aid the local forces in driving out the terrible Tantrum.

- The Bowels of the facility (Sub-Levels) are very, very dark - I would not recommend this quest for the faint of heart and Impatient.

- The Tantrum are heavily armoured; powerful entities. I recommend you be at least a level 15 before starting this quest. Or bring some followers with you.

Reading helps the liver digest mantis forelegs too :D

- The Mod has full questing (Markers objectives) + Dialogue. (no speech)

- When you have to look for something, I don't believe in Quest Markers. They'll point you in the general direction, but you'll be doing most of the looking yourself.

- The Sub-Levels are confusing, That's how they're supposed to Be, So Be Patient and stick to the walls.

- Look around everywhere, search dead people, and read ALL THE TERMINALS!!!. That's how you'll progress in the Storyline.

- When Your given a quest, double check to make sure its active in your pip-boy. Sometimes you have to manually click it.


Beta/Alpha Tester's Notes:

-"The Sub-Levels are dark as S**t, I suggest you make use of Cateye and Nuka-Cola Quantum if you don't want to be defecating your pants and shooting walls, and keep an eye out for green lights, they indicate where you want to go"

-"Do not go into this Facility without preparation. Bring your best armour and weapons, as well as stocking up on RadAway and RadX. The Facility's reactor is down and it's leaking pretty heavy"


- "Upon being asked to Investigate Vernon's Dorm, make sure you pick up his key located next to the toppled chair in the Utility Level, I say this because it's hard to find"

Known Bugs:

*This mod is incompatible with the perk: Ghoulificated Heart that comes with the 'More Perks' Mod.

* There is currently a known bug where upon entering the Sub-Levels, some of you may fail the quest "Bye Bye Love". I suggest that before installing this mod, you complete that quest.

* Vernon may not appear, however his key will be by his giant computer next to a toppled chair.

* Rarely the failed experiment in the Sub-Levels will crash your game if you shoot him. So just don't shoot him. (He's dead anyway)

* If you have any mod that changes the lighting of the game. It could make the Sub-Levels so dark that you may feel like a Blindfolded Blind man with no eyes trying to paint Mona Lisa.

* The Sergeant in the Armory might not talk to you immediately. Just Reload the Area.

* Any Mod that changes the area around 'Tribal Village' (Where my mod takes place) Might crap things up a bit.

* The Tantrum are not VATS Targetable. Download the V.3-Update-esp to fix this; this also fixes all dialogue problems related to exiting.

* Outside of the facility, the dead bodies may not appear.

* Very Very Very Very Rarely, the door to the Sub-Levels does not appear. Reload the area.


-Fixed Dead People Not Appearing Dead
-Vernon's Key is now always next to his computer as well as on him.
-Reduced the complications that cause rare Crash to Desktops.
-Cleaned up Dirty Edits and widow IDs
-Reduced overall NPC Spawns in the Sub-Levels that caused CTD's
-Fixed a major bugged Script and Trigger,
-Removed accidental NPC Duplications
-Major Optimizations by rendering only the rooms you are in; instead of the whole level
-Further Misspellings corrections
-Fixed small texture flickers
-Further NPC Balancing
-Renamed Improperly named Armour and Weps.
-Reduced Dead Body Count in the Armory, fixes crashes when you trigger the scene.
- Fixed the Rockwell Factor (caused many CTD's)

Fixed Tantrum Torch Low Fps Problem
Holotapes Now Play Properly (You do not need to download the Patch Text Now)
Fixed Bugs with doors and inaccessibility
Fixed all Stimpak problems
Fixed Misspellings


Just the base game :)
And Hands.

This Mod Includes:

8 Short Quests Within the whole Mod,
Over 15 Modified Weapons And Armour
Over 150,000 Square feet of Areas,
9 Old-World Songs on Holotape for your Listening Pleasure (Royalty & Copyright Free)
A Laugh-Inducing - Jaw Dropping - Pant Crapping good Time!


The All Important Installation Instructions:
(I've included a readme file in every download, so just read that if you don't understand this)
...I also highly recommend that you download this Mod manually with my instructions below.

The Zipped folder contains Two Items, Extract them wherever you want.

Installation V.3:
1.)The Mod esp: 'RockwellDescentMod.esp', goes in your data folder.
2.) A Folder Called: "Sound", this goes in your Data Folder too. Say yes to any overwrites or Merges
3.)Once your done open FOMM and activate the mod.
++If your installing the V.3-Update-esp, make sure you've completed the previous steps, then download the update file and drag it into your data folder. Say yes to overwrites.

** If some of these folders don't exist, create them **
***You do not need the PatchText unless you have version 1***

There are more detailed Instructions in each zip.

Don't forget to please come back and Endorse if you liked it, For quest mods are very time consuming, and a lot of work was put into this

However, if there is anything wrong.. and I mean ANYTHING, Please yell at me in the comments and let me know :)

Just look for it on the nexus if you don't have it.
*****I would suggest this mod be lower down on your load order*****

A Mod By Dylan Hollis - JacobWhinwright. aka General-Dylan, aka PinanomanGulbransen.