Slave Town - Its a slaves life - Episode II by Rogerirrlevant
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Added: 01/09/2012 - 03:55AM
Updated: 13/09/2012 - 08:14PM

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Last updated at 20:14, 13 Sep 2012 Uploaded at 3:55, 1 Sep 2012

[version 0.9.5d 13.09.2012]

Currently: Episode II - version 0.9.5d
This mod completely supersedes Episode I, and is a complete standalone version.

Make a CLEAN save before installing this mod

The wasteland has a new band of slavers. These aren't just your normal band of raiders with sharp sticks. They are organised and have numerous prison facilities in underground locations; allowing them to operate in secrecy under the noses of the wasteland population.

The wasteland slavers only seem to be the tip of the iceberg. Kidnapped citizens are disappearing entirely. Never to be seen again. Rumour has it that kidnapped citizens are being transported to an unknown location outside the wasteland, to an unknown fate.

This mod lets you live your life as a slave: captured and spiritied away in the night, you are thrown into a world beyond your control. This mod adds a band of slavers to the Mojave wasteland. Adds prison facilities to the wastes and adds a whole new town in a remote location away from the Mojave.

Note: This mod gives you a radically different gameplay experience. If you want to be an all conquering, elite special forces ninja then this mod isn't for you.

Important note:
Users of SlaveJail Reloaded & SlaveTown - Its a slaves life (Episode I) - Please uninstall these mods since they will conflict.

For general stability and conflict issues:
For general stability and conflict issues, please consider using FNVEdit to create a merged patch and/or perform a masterupdate. Please see Gophers excellent video for more details.

For general troubleshooting please watch Gopher's Troubleshooting Video. (The full series of Gopher's videos is well worth watching, and I thoroughly recommend them, they start here.)

64bit operating system users may also wish to consider 4GB Fallout New Vegas or its NVSE enabled version.

You may also wish to use Fake Fullscreen for further stability.

Starting the Quest:
The quest can be started by reading the note on the bar in the Goodsprings Saloon. You must have left the Goodsprings area and finalised your character first. Also dismiss all of your companions before you start.

Copy all the files from the archive to the Fallout New Vegas/Data directory of your installation.
Make sure both of the following are active:
SlaveTown - Episode II.esm
SlaveTown - Episode II - Assets.esp
SlaveTown - Episode II - Patch.esp <- ONLY when one is available for the current version

For best results, use FOMM or Nexus Mod Manager.

Current Update Status

Version 0.9.5d uploaded 13.09.2012
Zippy is much faster now.
2 or more races will get the right response from sport. Can sell the party pooper properly now
Increased stability during races. Can prematurely talk to Sabiel without issue.
Sabiel's body dump more robust. Cleaned up leftover quest prompts. Hopefully cured some Maggy wierdness. Local Slavers won't hang out like Jet whores anymore. Theres no escape for Nose or Frank anymore. The party pooper should be braver now and not run away.
No Patch file is currently needed - if you have one then delete it.

Update: v0.9.5c 05.09.2012 changed some Ricky dialog. Added a failsafe to the race so you cannot be resummoned whilst the race is running. Added a check to see if the race has been running too long. Added a more obvious spectator stand for the player.

Update: v0.9.5b 03.09.2012 Added a water fountain to Maggy's office. Added a 'Stay and Explore' option to the escape terminal. Added some backup dialog to Maggy, for the rare times where she can run out of dialog (when she shouldn't). Added some savegames before entering Rubbletown for the first time and before the farm and police quests ( since you can get yourself killed quite easily ). Fixed some minor oversights.

Update: v0.9.5a 01.09.2012 Removed some testing tools, and added a plugin to correct GECK induced dialog trigger errors.

First and foremost, sincerest thanks go to drsoupIII (creator of Tombs of the Undead for the excellent beta testing and constant stream of crazy suggestions and incessant demands that pushed the content development far further than I considered possible. Also, drsoup created all the custom models used in the mod.

ChancellorKremlin deserves great thanks for testing, and excellent suggestions.

My thanks also go to Quetzelscatango for the Q's signs mod with which I was able to add some nice extra atmosphere.