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Adds a new hotkey that can be used to turn the Pipboy radio on or off, and change stations. Fully extensible for compatibility with other radio mods.

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This mod needs NVSE

This adds a new hotkey for switching radio stations outside of the Pip-Boy. The default hotkey is /, but it can be changed in the MCM. There is also an optional hotkey that can be configured that will change to the previous station in the list. The MCM panel will also list every radio station that the system recognizes and will switch between (up to 22 stations listed, unlimited switching).

Features include:
  • Turn radio on and off
  • Cycle through stations forward or backward (with configurable optional hotkey)
  • Define quick-switch keys to quickly change to your favorite station
  • Message telling you what station you've switched to
  • Built in support for DLC and every radio mod I know of
  • Recognizes preselected ranged stations and will skip them if out of range
  • Extensible

This mod supports:
  1. Radio New Vegas
  2. Mojave Music Radio
  3. Black Mountain Radio
  4. Mysterious Broadcast (OWB)
  5. CONELRAD 640-1240 - Civil Defense Radio
  6. Existence 2-0 -Robot Radio-
  7. Enclave Radio
  8. Wasteland Pirate Radio
  9. The Wasteland Stream Radio
  10. Blues Radio New Vegas
  11. Peoples Radio of China
  12. Radio Free Wasteland
  13. iPip Music Player
  14. Radio Classical
  15. RPJW - Radio Whitesnake
  16. Old World Radio
  17. Fallout - Project Brazil

This mod also supports A Tale of Two Wastelands (TTW) radio stations:
  1. Galaxy News - both pre- and post-quest versions
  2. Enclave Radio
  3. Agatha's Radio
  4. Vault 101 Propaganda Radio

If you do not see your favorite station here and would like me to add it, check out my guide for how to get the information I need to add new radio stations.

If you are a modder interested in support RHK by default, check out my improved modder's guide.