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ENB series v0.118 preset

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DISCONTINUED. I'm sorry for not replying to everyones questions regarding this mod, I have been very busy and haven't played New Vegas in a long long while

Hello everyone, I used to play Skyrim with all sorts of ENB presets and was ecstatic when support for New Vegas was released. I've had some experience tweaking Skyrim ENB presets and decided to get my hands dirty with New Vegas :)
My goal is to make a somewhat realistic looking ENB preset that has minimal impact on graphics memory.

I HIGHLY recommend the Electro-City mod with this: http://newvegas.nexusmods.com/mods/37908
and NMCs Texture Pack: http://newvegas.nexusmods.com/mods/43135

**As of ENBseries for Fallout NV v0.118, Hardware anti-aliasing is unavailable. So make sure it's disabled for this to work! **

*UPDATE: a good work around with anti-aliasing is SMAA in this great mod:
follow the instructions in that mod, works great with New Vegas :)

One noticeable bug I've encountered is when you're indoors, some armor and weapons cause this to happen:

Some mods, and even vanilla armor/weapons properties are set to extremely huge values, usually wrong specular parameters. one way to fix this issue is to manually edit these weapons and armor through a Nif editor and reduce the specular values.


Credits to ENBSeries, developed by Boris Vorontsov
ENB prepass modifications by Matso
and Western Sky, by Jeremy Hamilton