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Now you too can track down slavers in style! A male outfit inspired by the movie Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter.

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The long shadow of the Legion looms over the Mojave as it bides its time, threatening to swallow the whole of the land with its cruel reign. Who will stop them? Who will stand in their way? It is down to you and you alone to ensure that the citizens of the Mojave Wasteland will not fall to oppression and tyranny. So why not look that part in the Slaver-Hunter Duster?

The Slaver-Hunter Duster is a male outfit that will fit both vanilla and Breezes bodies and the style has been inspired by the look of the movie Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter. The outfit is made up of the Ranger Combat Duster (with slight retexture), the White Glove Formal Wear (again, slight retexture, especially on the waistcoat), Tenpenny's Suit (slight retexture), and Lucas Simm's boots.

So where can you find this handy, dandy duster? Why that's the best bit folks. All you need to do is mosey on up to Cottonwood Cove and head into Aurelius of Phoenix's office. As you enter the room, you will find a suitcase off to the left which contains two outfits. An outfit for slaver hunters in the middle of a slaver camp? Oh the irony!

Install: Place the .esp file into the Data folder. Copy over Meshes and Textures into the appropriate places in your game data directory.

Uninstall: Delete .esp, meshes and texture folders.

Conflicts: None known at present time, however any changes to Aurelius of Phoenix's office might cause a problem with the suitcase containing the clothing.

Disclaimer: This mod DOES NOT include the axe. Due to the fact that the mesh comes from Fallout 3 and has to be ported into New Vegas, I am not at liberty to release it, as much as I would love to.

It would mean the world to me if you liked this mod if you'd take a moment to endorse it, by the way. ;)