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This mod adds 11 brand new radio stations to the wasteland!

Permissions and credits

This radio mod currently adds 11 brand new radio stations from the "Old World."
We are working on the rest as we speak so please be patient!

The stations...

1. Ranger's Radio (detective/mystery radio show)
2. The Avenger Radio (sci-fi hero radio show)
3. Ghouls & Ghosts Radio (plays a variety of old horror radio shows)
4. X Minus ONE (sci-fi radio shows)
5. Escape Radio (secret agent/playboy radio shows)
6. The French Connection (old French accordion tunes with a voiced drunken robot DJ)
7. Barrel of Monkeys (plays various old time radio comedy shows and is ran by monkeys!)
8. 8-BIT HITS (plays 8-bit music and is hosted by a supermutant named "FIST")
9. Consumer Goods (plays songs, old commercials, and a radio show by "Count Zero")
10. Music Archives (plays good ole music from the era and nothing but!)
11. Billy Bob's Bunker (Banjo radio hosted by an incoherent hillbilly named "Billy Bob")


(08/23/12) Old World Radio premieres tonight with "The Avenger Radio" and "Escape Radio!" There are 5 more stations on their way and will be here soon! Thanks for your support and keep a keen eye out because there is a boat-load more on the way!!!

(08/24/12) Ghouls & Ghosts Radio premieres today!!!

(08/26/12) X Minus One Radio premieres today!!!

(08/27/12) The French Connection and Ranger Radio premieres today!!!

(8/29/12) Consumer Goods, and Barrel of Monkeys should be done by the end of this week, and after that, we will be releasing 8-BIT HITS, a station hosted by the wasteland's "one and only supermutant DJ" ...or so he thinks ;) Be patient, enjoy the released stations and keep on tracking this mod! When you come back, please please remember to endorse and/or vote if you enjoy this mod!

(08/31/12) Barrel of Monkeys radio added!!!

(09/03/12) 8-Bit Hits and Consumer Goods premieres today!!!

(09/15/12) Music Archives and Billy Bob's Bunker premiere!!!

(THE FUTURE OF O.W.R.) We will be bringing on another creator for this mod and he will be helping us to make the official O.W.R. building with voice acted NPC's and maybe a quest or two! Keep on tracking!


STEP 1. Download and install each part in numerical order. Copy and paste data folder from each part into your Fallout New Vegas directory.


* As this mod is updated you will only need to download the sequential part. For example, if you installed parts 1 thru 4 before, and come back to see there are updates titled "part 5, part 6, part 7," again you want to INSTALL EACH ONE IN NUMERICAL ORDER!

STEP 2. Check "OldWorldRadio.esp" in the Data Files menu of the New Vegas launcher or your launcher/mod manager of choice.


Just uncheck OldWorldRadio.esp in your game launcher, delete the file in the Data folder, then go inside Sound>Voice and delete the OldWorldRadio.esp folder.


This should be compatible with all radio and other mods out there. The talking activators required to broadcast the stations are placed inside the Goodsprings Gas Station, where they are out of sight. Mods that make significant changes to that area might be affected. If you run into any issues please leave feedback so we can fix the problem.
At this time the radio stations won't be available in any of the DLC areas. We are looking to make them available in the near future.

On a side note...

All third party resources are confirmed to be either in the public domain or licensed under creative commons. Whether the copyrights have run out or the resources came from a stock site, all resources used are legal to use for non-commercial use... for example: from sites like archive.org flyingomelette.com and oldradioworld.com