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A decent Smith & Wesson Model 29 revolver to use in the wasteland and stand by yourside.

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Name:Smith&Wesson Model 29
Author(s):Arby26,Rafael De Jongh,1uokuoruokuok

Mod tested on licensed game with the latest patch,with other game versions, work not guaranteed!.

This mod adds the Smith&Wesson Model 29 revolver to the game world

There are two weapon versions, one which you can buy and one which you can find with the corresponding sanctions.
If you choose to buy the weapon then you have to buy it from the Great Khan armorer, the chances to buy it and the exchange rate is 1:1 (if you are accepted by the Great Khans with Barter 25).
If you choose to find out the weapon then you have to look for it somewhere around there, the weapon would be in a mediocre condition full of dirt and dust.

Weapon stats.
The weapon you can buy:
Damage per attack:36
Damage per second:67.5
Attacks per second:1.88
Critical % multiplier:x1
Critical damage:36
Action point cost:25
Damage per action point:1.4
Weapon spread:0.1
Shots per reload:6
Value to weight rate:1129
Skill required:5
Strength required:50

The weapon you can find:
Damage per attack:30
Damage per second:56
Attacks per second:1.88
Critical % multiplier:x1
Critical damage:30
Action point cost:25
Damage per action point:1.4
Weapon spread:0.7
Shots per reload:6
Value to weight(condition) rate:564
Skill required:5
Strength required:50

The Smith&Wesson Model 29 revolver can be bought from the Great Khan armorer to the Great Khan armory.It is located in a basement of a burned out house northeast of the Spring Mt. Ranch State Park, at the south entrance to Red Rock Canyon.

I recommend you to use Fomod package manager and add a fomod installation,easy install easy uninstall
Extract the files to a temporary location and examine the folder structure
Copy files to (install folder)\Fallout New Vegas\Data\
Start FOMM.Place a check-mark beside the .esp file.

Un-installing the mod
Start FOMM,uncheck the esp file.
Delete the files/folders associated with the mod.

Known Issues/Bugs:

None that I know of.

File History.
15-08-2012 Initial Release.
01-09-2012 Smith n Wesson Model 29 v2
fully reworked, added to the Cowboy & the Professional perks list, re-edited the textures now in .dds format [lower quality (.dds compression, same sizes) higher compatibility for any computer].

Credits & Thanks.
Arby26:Model high & low poly,UV,bake details
Rafael De Jongh:Diffuse,normal,specular maps
Millenia:Speedloader and magnum casing textures(diffuse,normals)
and myself of course(for re-creating the model make it compatible with the game engine and editing the textures,setting it up and put it into the game).

Do not edit or redistribute this content without explicit permission from me.