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Extends the sorters from commander_tak\'s Underwater Home to handle items from several popular mods. Now with even more mod support

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================== UPDATE =================================
Fixed bug affecting users of NVEC+NVCE or NVEC Enhancements. The script triggers for these two
was juxtaposed, breaking the sorters.
Thanks to etisvoloch for the fix!

Mod item sorters for Underwater Home

By Timeburn


Underwater Hideout V4.2+


Extends the sorters in commander_tak's marvelous Underwater Home to handle items from several popular mods.
This ONLY affects the sorters. No new item displays have been added, nor do I plan to.

However, I did include patches to update the weapons displays to show the modified weapons from EVE and/or BOE.

Also, the Purifier can be updated to handle more irradiated items from NVEC and/or NV Interiors.
(But not the Irradiated cigarettes. Who wants soggy smokes?)

New!All sorter updates have been rolled into one dynamic patch
Just load SorterUpdater_UWHNV.esp and it will automagically update the sorters for all supported mods

The weapons display and purifier plugins must still be loaded separately.

I highly recommend using these patches with Wrye Flash
It can merge most of these patches into the bashed patch and deactivate them, to save space in your load order.

Mods supported:

AG Supplementary Uniques

Angel Park 2 and Angel Park Remix

A World of Pain v5

Book of Earache


Caesar's New Regime


Mission Mojave Ultimate Edition

Monster Mod

Monster Mod Wasteland Edition

Monster Wars

New Vegas Enhanced Content

NV Interiors

New Vegas Restoration

Playing With Firepower

Classic Fallout Weapons


Project Nevada

Tales from the Burning Sands

Weapon Mods Expanded

Weapon Mods Expanded - Ultimate Edition



I highly recommend using Fallout Mod Manager or Nexus Mod Manager to install this mod.

1. Open Fallout Mod Manager

2. Click on Package Manager

3. In Package Manager, click on Add FOMOD on the upper right

4. Find the "UWHNV Sorters For Mods vx_x.7z" file and double-click on it to add to FOMM

5. Double-click on "UWHNV Sorters for Mods" to start the installer

6. Follow the prompts on the installer to select features.

7. Once the installer is finished, exit package manager, and correct your load order.
"SorterUpdater_UWHNV.esp" MUST be loaded after UWHNV-Core.esm

8. If using Wrye Flash (Highly recommended), rebuild your bashed patch, and make sure to merge and deactivate the display and purifier plugins.

9. If using FNVEdit, rebuild your merged patch.

----Manual Installation----------------------------------------

1. Unpack the downloaded file with WinRAR and open the newly created folder.

2. Copy SorterUpdater_UWHNV.esp from the sorters directory to your data directory.

3. If using BOE or EVE, navigate to the Displays directory, and copy the appropriate files from there to your data directory.

4. If using NVEC and/or NVInteriors, navigate to the Purifier folder and copy ONE of the esps from there to your data directory.

5. Activate in your load order manager.

6. If using Wrye Flash (Highly recommended), rebuild your bashed patch, and make sure to merge and deactivate the display and purifier plugins.

7. If using FNVEdit, rebuild your merged patch.


Load Order and Compatibility:

Load SorterUpdater_UWHNV.esp anywhere after UWHNV-Core.esm

Display and Purifier plugins should be loaded as late as possible in your load order, to avoid any missing master issues.

None of these patches edit any resources other than formlists and static records from UWHNV, so there should be no conflicts.

SorterUpdater plugin completely overhauled
-static and standalone plugins have been deprecated.
-All-in-One dynamic version no longer requires any additional plugins for mod support.
Added support for FOOK
Added support for Mission Mohave Ultimate Edition
Added support for Monster Wars
NVEC support updated for 3.4b
Added support for NVEC Enhancements
Added support for WMXUE

Updated for NVEC 3.3DD. Use ONLY with 3.3DD
Fixed issue where Purifier fix would not install when NVInt or NVEC were not present

Removed Loadout list updates from all mods
This was causing an exploit issue when actually using the loadout system.

Updated MMWE support for version 3.1

Bugfix release
Fixed CTD on misc items chest with certain plugins enabled.
Misc Items/Crafting part rearrangement corrected

NVEC support updated for 3.3

Support added for Classic Fallout Weapons

Support added for Playing With Firepower

NVEC 3.2 support added

NVEC 3.1 support added
Fixed install scripts, no more error messages


- Initial release