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HK416 Assault Rifle with 3 mods HK USP Match 45 with 3 mods HK PSG1 Sniper Rifle with 3 mods

Permissions and credits
My apologies to everyone. A long while back there was a user who uploaded infringing content named toxa1. A number of mods inadvertently used his content. The mod that was the precursor to this one did as well. This content has been removed. Old versions containing that content are now gone.

Requires the Honest Hearts DLC for the .45 ACP ammo!!

I made this because I am a real fan of the HK416 and the USP from bornrudes' Tactical Combat Set, but the non-animated M14 really bothered me. And it seemed odd that there were 2 HK weapons and an M14. So I got permission and incorporated the HK PSG1 into this kit. This was my first time using Nifscope to edit mesh files. And my first time editing textures. I made the worn texture for the HK416 a bit less worn and I made a worn texture for the PSG1. I also made the PSG1 use mods. AFAIK this is the only version of the PSG1 that uses mods on the nexus. I hope you like it. All thanks to the actual creators.

* Description

This Mod adds following weapons:

Heckler & Koch HK416
* Silencer - silences
* EOTech magnifier - acts as a red dot veiwpoint, also lowers
weapon spread
* Anpeq, Masterkey, increase weapon damage +15 (ish)

Heckler & Koch USP Match .45 with
* Suppressor - silences
* Laser Aiming Module - decreases weapon spread
* Extended Mag - increases the mag size from 12 to 18 rounds

Heckler & Koch PSG1 Sniper Rifle with
* Suppressor - silences
* Extended Clip - +15 capacity
* Composite Parts - -5 weight

* Location

Quarry Junction - in the Mother Deathclaws nest
(refer to - section Images)
The case everything is in moves around if kicked, so you might need to look around.

* Incompatibilities

This is a variation of the Tactical Combat set by bornrudes ( and as such will override that mod and viceversa.

* Changelog
1.3.4 Removed Heartbeat Sensor
1.3.3 Pistol renamed USP Match for accuracy.
Suppressor renamed the Knight's Armament Suppressor
Laser Sight renamed Laser Aiming Module
Revised Readme for credits.
1.3.2 Initial Release

* Credits

My contributions are as follows:

-Created worn texture for the PSG1
-Created darker worn texture for HK416
-Created the moddable weapon for new vegas in Geck for the PSG1
-Renamed the pistol and accessories
-Rechambered the pistol for .45ACP from Honest Hearts DLC
-Scripted the pistol to be added to the Casino Improved Holdout lists.

I did not create the meshes or the original textures. All credit goes to the original creators.

The original Tactical Combat Kit is by bornrudes and available here:

The original HK416 for Fallout 3 was made by Tftrashcan and can be found here:

The original USP is DreadWolf's USP 9mm and USP, which can be found here:

The original PSG1 is Metallicalec's Fallout 3 HK PSG1 from here:

Darkfiregaming (DFG) for putting it together.
jackpack for his weapon attachment pack.
Munkeenuts for putting the weapon into Fallout 3.
And thanks to the people on fpsbanana.
Modderfreak for uploading the weapon on fpsbanana
Model. by Anti-Death, Soul-Slayer, Stoke, TheLama and Twinke Masta
Skin. by AcidSnake and Thanez
Animations. by Book, Jennifer!!, King Friday, Mullet and Toxic Kitten
Compiles. and Buy Menu Pics by modderfreak

USP Match:
Model - Twinke Masta & Silvio Dante
UV - Twinke Masta
Texture - Lonewolf
Silencer model - Stoke
Silencer texture - SureShot
LAM model - TheLama
LAM texture - Stoke
HeroinZero - For the USP port and Barrel Weight
jackpack - for the LAM and Silencer from his Weapons upgrade Pack
Nopheros - for his blue laser pointer resource
DarkFireGaming - For his weapon sound pack

Fallout 3 version: Metallicalec
Model: Twinkie Masta (PSG 1), Fallschirmjager (extented mag), Stoke (bullet)
Skin: Twinkie Masta (PSG 1), Sproily (extented mag), Stoke (bullet)
Silencer: Stoke (model) Millenia (skin) Metallicalec (Shitty Normals lol)
Normals/smoothing: L0RDN00B
Scope crosshair: Pelinor
Sounds: Valve, Vunsunta (bit of tweaking by Metallicalec)