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  • One Year Ago Today

    Well check it out, by happy coincidence I just happened to notice that the last file update was 1 year ago today. In that time not a whole lot has happened with PN Extra Options. In fact, pretty much nothing has happened except that people have reported bugs that I've lost track of or made notes to fix and never got around to. That's changing. Alongside my desire to actually finish this, the possible teaser of Fallout 4 has gotten me wanting to finish up all my mods to a state where I feel they are done enough to be left on their own.

    To that end, I am picking this mod back up, and I WILL finish it. It will not be what I was originally hoping, but it will be done, I will remove every bug I know of, and every one I can find. If bugs are found I will attempt to remove th...

  • About Time!

    So yeah, about time I updated this, huh? As you can tell by the changelog, I have been busy working on things.

    I'll elaborate on a few of the new features.

    Presets are a new feature that was sort of in FWE. They allowed you to quickly set up the options without having to delve into every menu tweaking options. Presets in PN work the same way, with a small twist. While it isn't implemented yet, any mod can easily add on to the preset system with very minimal work. Anyone interested can contact me.

    Presets will change all settings in all PN modules (that have settings) that are installed. The current options are just what I could think of, so if anyone has anything else to add, let me know and I'll add it. There's plenty of...

  • Work work work

    Been working. RL work, school work, mod work. Kind of got tired of these things, and was a little burnt on stuff (still), so I worked on some side projects. Good news is that I now have 2 new features, and a new mod, bad news is I'm putting this off still.

    For the new mod, check out my Callahan Fullbore Autolock, which is actually getting an update soon.

    My other work has resulted in a near perfect ammo discarding system, with just a few tweaks left. There will be instead a 3rd option, that will remove the remaining clip ammo to a temporary storage, from which it will be returned to the player after combat has ended. This simulates keeping a nearly empty clip, and recovering the ammo after the battle.

    The other really cool feature makes NPCs use a...

  • Not Forgotten

    Nope, sure haven't forgotten about this, I just got a bit tired of it. Turns out that I don't like working on equipment and item adding.

    I also took a break to go work on some personal projects, to make myself feel better. So you can check them out:
    Radio Hotkey
    Roleplayer's Alternative Start

    I've fixed a few things though, come up with some more neat little projects, and gotten permission for a few more cool weapons to add. I'll be working on these things slowly over the next few weeks, so expect to see some updates coming out.

    For Extra Options, there will be the new Unfound Loot option, which will make world placed loot more rare. There is also going to be a new Presets feature, that will alter all the setting...

  • Silence

    Sorry to have been so quite for the past week and some. Between school starting, work, a hurricane (tropical storm really), and me getting kind of burnt on this stuff, it's been rough. However, I'm not completely not doing anything.

    Instead of working on PN stuff full time, I decided to take a bit of a break and do some personal projects, so that I didn't feel like I was just working working working. I know it's all the same stuff, but it feels different.

    I've finished all the loot stuff for PN Rebalance, and have added several new options to the menus. These options have been folded directly into the Rebalance panels, as I felt that was the better place for them than to bounce around between the new ones and the old ones. Expect to see some mo...

  • New Version

    I'll be uploading a new version immediately after writing this. This version is a precursor to a lot of new features coming very soon. In fact, you'll see the results of my work in the options menu once you start using it.

    New features include:Fix for Run N Gun perk with the cross hair, now they show the effect correctly.
    All new perk Charge! allows you to keep your weapons out when sprinting. Accuracy goes down of course, and is also reflected by the cross hair.
    A minor issue, the Stealth Boy will no longer show a stealth filed strength, just the names of the effects it has.

    So that's what's new that you'll be able to use. New features that you'll have access to soon are:Presets, to quickly set all the PN options at the sta...

  • Moving Along

    Updates and new features are coming along nicely so far. I've got several bug fixes integrated into the Extra Options plugin now, along with a feature that has been asked about for months now.

    Introducing: Charge! - Cowards be damned, the only direction you'll be running is toward the enemy! With this perk, you can keep your weapon out while sprinting, but don't expect to be able to aim well!

    The Charge! perk allows you to keep you gun out while sprinting, at a cost of 100% accuracy. This accuracy change is reflected by the PN cross hair system, as well as the weapon spread, and can be at least partially negated by any perk that increases accuracy.

    Cyberware is also getting its fair share of changes. Foremost are new...

  • New Features

    So getting this started and trying out the articles system as a new method of telling you guys what I'm working on.

    I've been compiling a list of some of the known bugs with PN, and working on fixes for them. Some are easy, some are big, some are small, I'll try to fix most of them. I've also been looking at some of the more requested additions, and will be adding a few of them as well.

    For a list of things I've fixed so far:
    Stealth boy reporting incorrect stats.
    Crosshair fix for Run N Gun perk.
    EMP and HF implants added to both holdout lists.
    Combat shotgun ejecting wrong casings (this can't really be fixed, as there does not exist a 20Ga casing for ejecting.)