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More Bounce to the Ounce, Presenting Amy Armour Bouncing Breast. I need feedback on dismemberment. Please confirm this is supported..

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More Bounce to the Ounce, Presenting Amy Armour Bouncing Breast.

NPR's Amy Armor for TYPE3

This outfit was created by NPR, one of my favorite clothing modders.

Bronson converted it to fit the TYPE3 BASEHD variant and I made it Bouncing Breast Compatible.


Known issues: The left sleave clips thru the pipboy. (Sleeve and Collar have been removed in all variations).

If you want the hide the pipboy for screenshots or whatever, download and install the "Groovatron" mod and use it to "hide" the pipboy. Here is the link...


They can be found in a Dumpster in SpringVale, see Screenshot

There are 4 versions available and 3 colors to choose from (black, red and white).

They can be repaired using raider armor.

They're enchanted with +2 Charisma, +2 Luck and +10 Speech

They have a damage rating of 25 for some survivability while fighting the bad guys.

1. Problem found is the hands are not snug against wrists on both sides.
1. Install with FOMM, Tick Amy_Armour esp
Tools used...

Me for converting to BnB

Dimon99 for the TYPE3 female body replacer
NPR for the Amy Armor
RAIAR for the HG EyeCandy Body
Obsidian for making this great game

Special thanks to...

Growlf for his "Blender Rigging Machines". His "Skirt Machine" worked wonders on the skirt mesh.
The Blender organization
The Niftools team
Colourless for Nifty

You can use this mod freely as long as NPR and RAIAR are given credit for any pieces of the outfits used. I'll take credit for the TYPE3 conversion.

View the "Credits and Permissions" section for more info