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-update jul 06 2013
Hello everyone long time no see.
so after the several months of coding testing i've come to a conclusion.
this project requires so much more time and energy to complete,
there are much better uses of my time and energy.

heres the kicker tho. the better use of my time? it should be spent making a free tank combat game.
why? so much easy to code from scratch than to fight the gamebyro engine to force it to do things it doesnt feel like doing.
seriously its like besthesda and obsidian made every attempt to make vehicular movement a pain in the arse.
after i get the base work down on my free to play ill release what i had for Fo:nv.

I know this won't please to many people but hey i gotta do what works
and this engine just isn't giving me what i need to preform the task at hand
thanks for the support and comments.

-update dec 22 2012
base implementation of movement firing etc 89% done, largely based off of j3x's work and expanded. models for m4 (a4, e8) and t34 (/57, /85) converted to use custom skeleton, texture map tweaked to allow the use of World of tank user made skins (none will be included). plans for base 20% done. 2 shell types implemented (AP, HE). Coin shot causes a CTD, and Caesar sighed with relief.
still to buggy for a beta release.
project put on hold due to personal reasons, (apocalypse relocation)

-update dec 09 2012
if you havent seen it already http://newvegas.nexusmods.com/mods/48515
by far blows the scripts i was working on out of the water, so in the propulsion department ive been out done. never fear tho, xre cars has not completely kill my project if anything it might help it along, and considering i already have 12 different models for tanks and enemy ai scripts almost done. besides why just have one tank when you can have tank to battle as well.

-update nov 23 2012
the NV tank project will be picked back up, ive recently redone the m4 and modeled 2 other tanks, and discovered a neat way to add them into the game as ridable and fightable entities.
im sure alot of you will love it, and ill ill work on fixing bugs to release a beta within the next few months.

Due to recent Hard drive failures and data loss, im unable to continue working on my implementation of tank from fallout tactics.

This Is all i could Recover the nif files and some of the tga uv maps i was in process of making.

this doesnt include any of the animations, ammo, alternate Guns, Armour addons, or script i made.

But ya

Free to use as long as you credit me for my model and send me a pm letting me know you used it.