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Raises or removes the cap on DT, DR and RR.

Permissions and credits
Radiation and Damage Cap Removed version 2.1 by mechatech


Description -

Cap Removed -

This mod removes the vanilla cap on Damage Resistance (DR), Damage Threshold (DT) and Radiation Resistance (DR). All three will make you invulnerable. You now have options, mix and match for your pleasure. I've tested the rad resistance and it works. With the rad resistance perk or a high enough endurance even the basic rad suit will give 100% protection. At 100% the rad meter will not come on and the rad counter noise will not play. You can also wait in irradiated areas.

DR and DT cap removed will make you invulnerable to weapons and melee. My character simply yawned while taking a beating from a Deathclaw. I have not tried DR or DT alone but in either case some damage will get through.

Cap Raised -

These optional plugins raise the cap rather then remove it. You will take damage but it will improve the protection of all armors. You now have options, mix and match for your pleasure. DR and RR cap is now 93% instead of 85% and DT minimum is 10% instead of 20%.

As far as I know poison and fire resistance (PR, FR) don't have any cap.

My apologies for any injuries/deaths caused by my previous attempts. Remember, if any parachute I sell you fails to open you get a full refund.

Contents -

These remove the caps only, they change no armor ratings.
Use only ONE from this folder. It may be used with a plugin from FOLDER 2.

Cap Removed DR.esp

Cap Removed DT.esp

Cap Removed RR.esp

Cap Removed DR DT RR.esp

Cap Removed DT DR.esp

Cap Removed DR RR.esp

Cap Removed DR DT.esp


These raise the caps only, they change no armor ratings.
Use only ONE from this folder. It may be used with a plugin from FOLDER 1.

Cap Raised DR.esp

Cap Raised DT.esp

Cap Raised RR.esp

Cap Raised DR DT RR.esp

Cap Raised DT DR.esp

Cap Raised DR RR.esp

Cap Raised DR DT.esp

These increase the radiation resistance of the vanilla Radiation Suit to 65%/85% and Adv. Radiation Suit to 85%/100%.
Use only ONE and it MUST be used with one of the esp above with RR in the title or the increase won't work.

Cap Removed Rad Suit Increase 65 and 85.esp

Cap Removed Rad Suit Increase 85 and 100.esp

Instructions -

First install -
Install only ONE from FOLDER 1 and/or ONE from FOLDER 2 and optionally ONE from FOLDER 3. If it doesn't work move it to the bottom of your load order. This will work with custom armor mods provided those mods don't change the player resistances. If that's the case move these below the other mod in your load order.

Re install if going from an earlier version -
Best to do a clean install. Uncheck the old version in your mod manager and delete the esp. Start the game, load a save, save and exit. Install the new esp of your choice, check in your mod manager, start your game, play.

Notes -

If you are playing around in the GECK or FNVedit look for these variables, and change to suit

fMinDamMultiplier - affects Damage Threshold, vanilla is 0.200000
fMaxArmorRating - affects Damage Resistance, vanilla is 85.000000
fPlayerMaxResistance - affects Radiation Resistance, vanilla is 85.000000. This value is different from the previous two. In FNVedit the first two will over ride a value in FalloutNV.esm, but this value is independent. Still works though.

RR and DR work as a percentage, anything beyond 100 is meaningless. DR is used in a formula and a value over 100 would give a negative number, I did try a DR of 1000 which allowed me to see my total DR but I feared that this could corrupt the game save. DT is an absolute number, it is subtracted from adjusted damage. The more DT the better. You can read more here http://fallout.wikia.com/wiki/Damage_threshold. While a 100 DR implies that no damage should get though, it does.

Bugs -

Sometimes the game can behave oddly. If you enter an area with increased protection and remove your suit the game behaves as if you are still more protected. If you want to get irradiated, leave the area and come back unprotected. If your rad resistance goes up through a perk or endurance change or by taking Rad-X while wearing a suit the game behaves as if you don't have increased protection. Taking your suit off and putting it back on fixes this.

Warranty -

There isn't any. Use at your own risk. It worked for me but depending on how your game is configured it may not work for you.

Rights -

There aren't any. Do with this what you will. There's nothing new here. The inspiration and understanding came from http://fallout3.nexusmods.com/mods/1583

Changelog -

v1.0 - initial release
v1.0a - readme update
v1.1 - DR increase to 1000
v2.0 - all possible options for DR, DT and RR are given, rad suit changes are seperate plugins
v2.1 - added plugins that raise the cap not remove it