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A companion wheel compatable child companion

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We can debate about a lack of law in the capital waste and how its good for role play, I might even agree with that statement but it's not happening.

Now that that's out of the way
This is just a test mod for my Jocelyn Kid Companion. I've been working on a lot of bugs that came with it original. Some of her scripting toyed with vanilla play and made some dialogue act funny with vanilla NPCs. This should be fixed but please let me know if anything is strange.

This is version .1.5 Which just features Jocelyn as a follower. You can talk to her, have her sandbox and have her follow you around as well as one quest and a few goodies.

Right now you can find her in Vault 3. Either kill the fiends or don't your choice. There is no real quest for her. You can find her In the Overseer's office.

There is also a custom player home in Freeside right across from the Silver Rush.

-------------------------------------Obtaining Jocelyn's custom weapons------------------------------------------------
Once you acquire Jocelyn, head over to the Crimson Caravan where you'll be attacked by a random NPC. Once he's down Jocelyn will approach you and trigger the quest. Follow the instructions of
course and the next two checkpoints should earn you Jocelyn's two new guns.

She will give you the option to take one and she will equip whichever one you do not choose. There is a rifle with a high crit modifier and a rather powerful hunting shotgun.

Jocelyn's weapon Mindy is on the desk in her bedroom.

Fun Facts

Jocelyn's weapons are all references to various characters from Anime and comics.

Triela - It's basically just a unique Hunting Shotgun (Pretty much looks like Triela's) It's named after Triela from Gunslinger girl
Henrietta - Her Walther WA2000 Sniper Rifle is a favorite of Gunslinger girl's Henrietta
Mindy - Butterfly Knife, Reference to Hit-Girl from Kick-Ass

Companion Quest - Well now, little girl - just a reference to Ritchie Valens song "little girl." Figured I'd stick with the theme of the 50s here.

Why make a child companion?

The Lamplighters in Fallout 3 always made me want to play as a kid surviving the wasteland. After satisfying that wish I figured I'd give making a companion a go. It's fun because it sometimes feels like the more you progress with her the more you're helping her grow into a seasoned Wasteland adventurer. I just wish it made sense to make her grow into an adult, unfortunately the timeline for New Vegas isn't long enough for that.

Children of the Wastes!
Get it here! http://newvegas.nexusmods.com/mods/44458

The CUTE Shop is where you can dress Jocelyn up!

You will also need Honest Hearts, Lonesome Road, Old World Blues and dead money. May make a standalone version but many future plans will use resources from these DLC packs

Jocelyn's Dialogue has been fixed. It no longer displays on other NPCs.
Jocelyn's House - Now has a dresser full of clothes for Jocelyn (or your child character) to wear
Additional dialogue - Jocelyn now has more to say! Topic order is also fixed for easier conversating
Jocelyn's Quest - Well Now, Little girl. This will have some extra updates in the future

Two different versions - A dirty and clean.

There's still more to come but I thought I owed you guys an update that at least gives more to do after so long.

Next update V 2.0
Added more posters to Jocelyn's House
Grammar - Yes, the bad grammar from the current version is fixed.
Improved Lighting in Jocelyn's House
Jocelyn's closet - contains custom clothing from meshes by Nivea
Daddy's stash - will contain good non game breaking weapons. It's a downstairs basement.
More Dialogue - Jocelyn will react to various areas. Will be unnoticeable without subtitles until VA is done.
Jocelyn's Diary - Updated as Story progresses.
Two more quests.
More Support for the DLC

Future Plans
combine Both versions.. Jocelyn can bathe and be clean but will get dirty again

More Diary Updates

Fully voiced Dialogue
Another Quest:

Puppy Love
This will actually be a part of an optional attachment which will include a new NPC.This is a major work in progress as it will heavily influence the main quest itself, as well as add an additional ending sequence for Jocelyn.

A young lad by the name of Che is sick of House, in fact he's sick of just about any leader who might want to take Vegas, except for the idea of the Courier if the right decisions are made. Jocelyn has a crush on him. Can you help Che in his revolution for a free Vegas while helping Jocelyn form a bond with the charismatic young Leader?

Ending based off the player's decisions and quests.


Please leave all suggestions in the comments section. I want to do a lot with this character so your testing will help a lot in the final outcome.


All of Jocelyn's Armors not SOLD at the Cute Shop:
Nivea. All permissions to use these items must be granted by Nivea herself.
Nivea also credits Dimon99, Backsteppo and Luchaire for her work.

"Henrietta" uses the Walther WA2000 Sniper Rifle Mesh
with credits to:
Twinke Masta, Thanez, Munkeenuts, Bozo_nl and Grendelpaul
Original Mod:

"Mindy" - Mesh and textures by FrankFamily
Original Mod:

Caprius for The Advanced Companion Creation Guide - Without your guide this would take a whole lot longer.

The Children of the Waste Team - for obvious reasons

llamaRCA - For being helpful in the beginning stages of my mod and for inspiring me with her Willow Mod.

Nivea - you've been incredible support, and for her future contribution.

Riven1978 - For helping a lot back when I first started this thing, it's been awhile but your credit's still due.

All Nexus Users who contributed great ideas in my comment section

Feel free to use any of the posters I upload to your liking.

Please do not redistribute the mod itself anywhere but the Nexus without my permission.

Would you like to see Jocelyn's story have an ending like the vanilla companions? I need a photo editor to edit screen shots in a fashion similar to that of the ending cut scenes. PM me for details.