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Modfusion is a new super easy to use mod installer for new vegas with features not found in any other mod installer.

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Modfusion, the latest in fallout new vegas mod installers. Version 1.20

Modfusion, designed for ultra simple no user interaction installs and uninstalls while still allowing massive reconfigurability for power users.

Why use Modfusion?

Modfusion does not just install mods, it provides the power of Mod Fusion to all your mods, reducing load orders and automatically installing patches upon detection of required mods or DLC. It also has version checks to ensure all your mods are up to date and alerting users if they need to update a mod to use the patches provided by another mod.

Modfusion lets you to have over 255 installed mods with ease as Modfusion can merge an unlimited number of mods into a single file. [size="6"]No other mod installer provides this feature.[/size] Modfusion can theoretically support an unlimited number of mods.

Mod fusion also allows user configuration files that can dynamically alter a mod during the merge process, this allows for totally new levels of configurability. [size="6"]No other mod installer provides this feature.[/size]

While not all mods can be automatically merged with Modfusion, Most tweaks, patches and rebalances can be. If a mod is created correctly it should only need at most a single .esm or .esp to hold all its new records, Modfusion will take care of all the patches, meaning no more DLC patches and numerous patches for compatibility with other mods cluttering up your load order.

Detects when you install a new mod or remove one every time you run it, even if that mod is not a Modfusion mod. Modfusion will then install or remove patches for all Modfusion mods to support the current load order. No more crashes on startup because you installed the wrong patch. No more incompatibilities because you forgot to install a patch.

Modfusion scans your load order and alert you if any mods in your load order need a master file that you do not have. This is the most common cause of Fallout crashing on startup.

Modfusion mods can be uninstalled as easy as they are installed: Just drag and drop the mod's ini file onto Modfusion to uninstall it and temporally disable it. Or you can delete the mod and then run Modfusion. Modfusion will uninstall it correctly either way.

And the biggest reason of all to use Modfusion: Trouble free, one click mod installs!
You downloaded and extracted the mod. Thats enough for Modfusion to know you want to use it. Install multiple mods with only one run of modfusion.

How to install and use Modfusion:

Create a new directory (aka folder) for Modfusion anywhere on your computer.
Extract Modfusion.rar with winrar to that directory. Get Winrar here
Extract Modfusion mods to that directory. Do not extract to Fallout New Vegas or Fallout New Vegas\data
Run Modfusion.exe

Done! Its that simple. No interaction needed. Modfusion will detect all Modfusion mods in its directory and install them. If you are a power user and wish to further configure your mods features, edit the .ini that has the mods name in your Modfusion directory. Each mods settings will be contained there. Run Modfusion again to apply settings.

If Modfusion reports any errors, Please post Modfusion.log to www.pastebin.ca and pm me the url or post it as a comment and I will help resolve the error.

How to uninstall a mod

Uninstalling a mod with Modfusion is as easy as can be. You simply drag and drop a mods ini file onto Modfusion.exe
select multiple files by holding ctrl or shift to enable/disable them all at once. Disabled .ini files will be renamed .dis to show you they are disabled.

You can also move or delete mods ini file out of the directory Modfusion.exe is in or open it in a text editor and set "enabled=yes" to "enabled=no"

Then just run Modfusion and the mod will be removed automatically, even if you delete the mod.

Any files overwritten by that mod that are added by another Modfusion mod will also be restored automatically.

How to configure Modfusion:

Modfusion is controlled by a series of ini files.
You do not have to edit these files! They are options for power users. The default settings are set by mod authors to work for everyone.
Each mod has a corresponding ini file in the Modfusion directory that tells Modfusion if it should install the mod or not and what configuration settings to apply.
By dropping a mods configuration ini onto Modfusion.exe you can enable or disable it via extension renaming. It will rename the .ini file to and from .dis to disable and enable it.

Some mods will have additional configuration prams in there config ini for you to alter how the mod works or what modules it installs.

This program will make the following changes:

It will write to your AppData\Local\FalloutNV\plugins.txt file to add mods to your load order
It will write to Fallout New Vegas\Data to install and uninstall mods.
It will create 3 files on its own: Modfusion.dat, Modfusion.log and Modfusion.esp. Modfusion.dat is the uninstall data. Modfusion.log is the log of the last execution in detail. Modfusion.esp is the result of merging multiple mods.
It may change your ini files if a mod requests it. If it does, it will make a backup copy of the ini file if one does not exist named filename.bak, it will also restore the original values of your ini when you uninstall/deactivate the mod that made the change.

This program does not:

Alter existing installed mods.
Alter your load order.
Change registry settings or install dlls.

How to uninstall Modfusion:

Use Modfusion to uninstall all mods that Modfusion installed. You can do this by dragging and dropping them onto Modfusion.exe to disable them or just delete them all.
Run Modfusion. All changes will be reverted.
Delete Modfusion.

Q: Modfusion did not seem to do anything
A: You need to first download a Modfusion mod to be installed, Otherwise it will only do basic checks on your load order.

Q: Will Modfusion work with FOMM/NMM?
A: Modfusion works fine with FOMM/NMM as it detects installed plugins via plugins.txt.

Q: Can I use Modfusion to install mod X?
A: Currently, Modfusion only supports a few mods. More support will be added as authors adopt Modfusion. Asking your favorite mod author yourself to use Modfusion is the best way to get them to support Modfusion.

Q: Can Modfusion be used for other games?
A: No, Modfusion is currently only for fallout new vegas. I have no plans to port it to other games as I do not play them, so it will not get ported unless someone wants to help with Modfusion and port it. Modfusion deals with records directly so its not simple to port, all differences in records between the game engines must be taken into account.

Q: I am a mod author, Can I make a Modfusion install for my mod?
A: Yes, However note Modfusion is beta and only supports a limited number of records. It will alert you if you try and merge a file with unsupported records. If you need a record type supported please contact me and I will add it to my to do list.

Q: I am a mod author, Can you add feature X?
A: Most likely yes, Contact me. Modfusion is a mod installer written by a mod author for mod authors and users. I want it to have all the features needed to install even the most complex of mods automatically without user interaction with minimal effort by the mod authors.

Q: Modfusion crashed or gave me an error, What do I do?
A: Open Modfusion.log and paste the contents on pastebin.ca and post the URL returned in the comments.


Mods currently using Modfusion:

Mission Mojave - Ultimate Edition: Unofficial Fallout New Vegas Patch. Essential base for modders and players! This mod gets the game rid of immersion-breaking moments and bugs.
Get Mission Mojave - Ultimate Edition here!

Modfusion Modpack contains the below mods:

CASE - Community ammunition system enhancement: Adds over 290 new ammo types! Usable in existing guns, found on existing vendors, and used by NPC's in the wasteland!
Get CASE here!

Craftpack: for recipes to use these ammo types! Adds over 1400 new recipes! All ammo types craftable and much more! Lets you craft just about anything in the game, from rockets to jet!
Get Craftpack here!

Craft master: Adds dozens of items to make crafting more universal and adds support for new features like non stop crafting and filters!
Get Craft Master Here!

Improved LOD Noise Texture! Ever wondered why terrain about 50 feet away looked so ugly? Low resolution noise was the culprit! This mod fixes that!
Get Improved LOD Noise Texture Here!

Special Thanks to iyumichan for the Modfusion logo!

Special Thanks to retakrew7 for donating!