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Functional lighters, cigarettes, cigars, and cigarillos.

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RealSmokes - Functional lighters, cigarettes, cigars, and cigarillos.


Ever noticed that the Wasteland is littered with cigarettes and populated with people who smoke them, yet YOU are denied your own calming smoke? The vanilla cigarettes are no more or less useful than paperweights. Drugs and junkies are everywhere, and the player has always had the option of using, and becoming addicted to, everything drug imaginable but cigarettes have always been off limits. Not anymore!

RealSmokes fixes this oversight by adding a cigarette lighter to the game, as well as cigars and cigarillos. Each smoke has different effects, both positive and negative, and can cause addiction and withdrawal.

Acquiring Smokes and Lighters
The smokes and lighter have been added to the bottlecap leveled drop lists. This means that anywhere that you would potentially find a random number of bottlecaps (bodies, containers, EVERYWHERE) you have a chance to find a smoke. They will also show up randomly in the inventories of merchants. There are a few merchants, such as the Tops Casino bartender, who will always have a large stock of smokes and lighters. In addition to this any of the normal packs, cartons, or individual cigarettes that you find in the vanilla game can now be smoked.

How to Smoke
The lighter is a weapon, and has two functions: lighting smokes, and opening packs and cartons. If you equip and "fire" the lighter while you have either a pack, carton, individual cigarette, cigar, or cigarillo in your inventory you will be presented with a menu. The menu will have one or both of these options, dependent on what items you posses at the time:

1. Light a Smoke
2. Open Pack/Carton

Opening a carton will give you 10 packs. Opening a pack will give you 20 cigarettes.

If you choose "Light a Smoke" you will be presented with a second menu, with the options shown dependent again on current inventory:

1. Light a cigarette
2. Light a cigar
3. Light a cigarillo

Selecting one of these will remove the appropriate MISC item from your intentory, replace it with a wearable version, and automatically equip it. The wearable versions will be called "Lit Cigarette" etc. The condition of the lit smokes will deteriorate rapidly while worn, simulating burning up. When their condition is low enough they will automatically unequip and be deleted from inventory. You may equip and unequip a lit smoke as you please, simulating the extinguishing and re-lighting a smoke.

Each wearable "Lit" smoke has a different duration and effects that will be applied while it is equipped. The burn times are in real time seconds, not dependent on timescale. The stats are:

Cigarette: burn time 60 seconds, Luck +1, Charisma +1, Repair +5, Perception -1, Stealth -20

Cigarillo: burn time 150 seconds, Luck +1, AP + 15, Crit Chance +5, Guns +5, Melee Damage +5, Perception -1, Stealth -30

Cigar: burn time 300 seconds, Barter +15, Speech +15, Charisma +2, Perception -3, Stealth -40

(**note** The readme included with the archive has incorrect statistics)

All smokes reduce perception because it is linked to the explosives skill and smoking is a terrible idea while handling frag mines, and because you would be less likely to see or smell an enemy while smoking. Stealth is reduced because ninjas don't smoke while working. Cigarettes increase repair skills because I don't know why it just seems to fit. Cigarillos increase various gun fighting skills because my mule don't like people laughing.....my mistake, four coffins.

In addition to these affects the smokes may trigger tobacco addiction. Lighting a smoke, or equipping a lit smoke, will alleviate tobacco withdrawal for several hours.

The burn timer will not run while menus are open, and will not account for time spent fast traveling, waiting, or sleeping. If you light a smoke and immediately fast travel across the map and back or sleep for 12 hours it will still be equippped and will have burned very little despite many game hours passing.

Installing RealSmokes
There are two necessary files in the archive: RealSmokes.bsa and RealSmokes.esp. Place both files in your data folder. Delete both files to uninstall.

Additional Notes
- No vanilla items or records are edited by this mod, so it should be compatible with anything and everything.
- No persistant changes are made to save game files. Uninstallation should be simple and without issue.

The lighter model was borrowed from Bennys Lucky Lighter by arlekin

The smoking icon is from Misc Item Icons by The 3rd Type

The other models are from Usable Cigarettes by neunen