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A perilous journey into the paranormal. You discover a strange door standing straight up out of the ground, and behind it lies a tale of horror.

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****New in 1.4****

The mod now contains a couple new enemies, some ambient sounds, effects, and balance changes. The rewards received at the end are mostly resources found in the vanilla game, so it can be safely disabled once you're done and you'll get to keep the items you received. 

Requires all DLC


You discover a mysterious door standing out in the middle of the wasteland near the 188 Trading Post. From a glance, the door appears to lead to nowhere. But behind the door is a paranormal realm without logic, and many restless spirits of the dead lurk behind it begging to be freed of their torment. The door disappears behind you, leaving you to finish your journey or die trying. As you read notes left behind by the lost souls, you will discover that a man of pure evil is behind their torture. But after you solve the mystery, how will you get back to your realm?


I got bored one day after reading a few creepy pastas, so I got in the mood to make something "spooky" for Fallout New Vegas. It's a pretty short and sweet trip, but I hope you enjoy it. Once you complete the mod, don't forget to take a look at the little radio near the exit for a small reward.


Just drop the .esp in your Data folder, check it in your Fallout New Vegas launcher and you're good to go.


Uncheck the mod from your FNV launcher, then delete the .esp from your Data folder.


DeathclawAlpha for the models