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Adds a flaming, hot pink Corvega, because its awesome

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The Pimpmobile, Modder Resource
by jonas opines, texture by Missus Marler

Just a kickass looking Corvega. The Nexus User MissusMarler had made the texture but couldn't get it to work due to the Corvega's mesh mapping, so I fixed it, remapped everything to give it a nice design.

I've dropped one model in on the Strip, in front of Gomorrah and the Lucky 38. It's just a static car, doesn't move, but if anybody wants to make a vehicle mod using it, by all means feel free. Just give me and MissusMarler credit.


Download the file, and extract the folders using 7zip or Winrar. Drop the data folder inside into your NV folder so it merges with the original data file.
Enable the pimpmobile ESP in FOMM or NMM.

MissusMarler for the texture.
Bethesda and Obsidian for the game.