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Corrects a few dialogue mistakes and re-incorporates missing dialogue to Vulpes Inculta when meeting him in Nipton. Game designers left this out so everything is fully voiced.

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This mod re-incorporates dialgoue that was once meant to be in-game when speaking for the first time with Vulpes Inculta in Nipton.

I did this because I simply adore this character, and we were really missing out on a lot of his dialogue! Who knows, maybe I'll check around in Geck and do this for some more NPC's.

However keep in mind that this sort of thing requires me to spend hours figuring out if the dialogue is indeed cut, so I have to go into the game and try to prompt the dialogue from every single angle possible before "re-incorporating" it.

-Fixes a text error when meeting Vulpes in Nipton AFTER destroying the bunker underneath the fort.
-Player can ask about the legion.
-Player may ask how to serve the legion.
-If you choose "I appreciate the legion's purity blah blah..." you will get a new response based on faction reputation.
-Player can ask who Legatus Lanius is.
-Player can ask about Caesar.
-Player can ask for Vulpes' name (It's a mystery to me how the courier knows his name without anyone mentioning it, including Vulpes himself!)

Version 1.2
None of the dialogue was showing up because I uploaded the wrong version... so sorry!

Version 1.1
Thanks dino1206 for reminding me to re-place a door "marker".

Should be none what-so-ever, I run this mod along with 200+ others.