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This MOD is Overhaul of T45d Power Armor in Mohave Wastland, Texture, Name, and etc.

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First, I'm clumsy in English. Pardon me, Please.

This MOD is Overhaul of T-45d Power Armor in Mojave Wastland.

1. Retexture of T-45d to Urban Camouflage pattern

2. BOS and None Faction T-45d Armor have distinguished Helmet.

3. BOS and None Faction T-45d Armor have distinguished Texture.

4. Remove BOS Decal from None Faction T-45d Power Armor

5. Add NCR Salvaged Power Helmet

6. Retexture of NCR Salvaged Power Armor to faded Derset camo pattern

7. None Faction and BOS T-45d has option texture.
Nature camo or Desert camo can be selected and installed.

ver. 1.1
8. Add None Faction Salvaged Power Armor and Helmet, Place in NCR Safehouse.

9. Fix Critical Bug(NCR Heavy Trooper is Not equip Helmet)

ver. 1.2

10. Fix Bug, conflict with other T-51b Armor MODs

11. Modify Armor Placement in BOS Safehous

12. Modify Armor Placement in NCR Safehous

Extracting the File, and drop all files to DATA folder and overwrite them.

If you want another pattern,

first, you install main file, next install option file to overwrite.

This Mod Made on the basis of [Bornagain NV t45d, by CaBaL120], I would like to thank him.