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Added: 20/05/2012 - 07:30PM
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Last updated at 16:21, 4 Jul 2012 Uploaded at 19:30, 20 May 2012

Episode II is now here - This new episode replaces the content from this mod.

[Version 0.8.3, 04.07.2012]
(Changelog at end.)

Currently: Episode I - version 0.8.3

Update Notes v0.8.3: Removes several vanilla references that were causing problems with some localized versions and with certain mods. Starting the quest via the note in the bar or in dialog with Gecko Bob should now be possible for people that were having issues with previous versions. The subsequent ambush should fire properly as well. Desert succubus users should be able to start everything as normal now (you will need to read the note since an npc will be blocking Gecko Bob's seat in the bar).

NB: You will need to manually fire your companions and there is now the possibility of a Legion or NCR ambush near the emergency railroad (turning it off caused problems for some)

The mod is still Episode I - The next major update is still a few weeks away

For general stability and conflict issues, please consider using FNVEdit to create a merged patch and/or perform a masterupdate. Please see Gophers excellent video for more details.

For general troubleshooting please watch Gopher's Troubleshooting Video. (The full series of Gopher's videos is well worth watching, and I thoroughly recommend them, they start here.)

64bit operating system users may also wish to consider 4GB Fallout New Vegas or its NVSE enabled version.

You may also wish to use Fake Fullscreen for further stability.

Also provided optional plugins for better AWOP compatibility, and a plugin to make the arena fights even easier - for people made from glass.

Remember this is still BETA.


Episode I: This mod lets you live your life as a slave: captured and spiritied away in the night, you are thrown into a world beyond your control.


The wasteland has a new band of slavers. These aren't just your normal band of raiders with sharp sticks. They are organised and have numerous prison facilities in underground locations; allowing them to operate in secrecy under the noses of the wasteland population.

The wasteland slavers only seem to be the tip of the iceberg. Kidnapped citizens are disappearing entirely. Never to be seen again. Rumour has it that kidnapped citizens are being transported to an unknown location outside the wasteland, to an unknown fate.

Due to the complexity involved in developing this mod, I have decided to release it in stages.

This first stage should be considered as Episode 1. At the end of which the active quest will be called 'To be continued...' This will leave you with full access to the new landscape so you can explore.

Feedback is very important, as are ideas (within reason) for what you'd like to see in the future (the landscape available is quite large and I've left 50% of it sparsely filled out for future expansion).


This mod adds a band of slavers to the Mojave wasteland. Adds prison facilities to the wastes and adds a whole new town in a remote location away from the Mojave.

The quest can ONLY be started AFTER the Goodsprings tutorial is over (i.e. once you have left town and finalised your character).

The quest is started by picking up the note on the bar. **IMPORTANT** Please dismiss any non-vanilla companions that you have.

**IMPORTANT for users of Slave Jail Reloaded**
This mod uses the locations from slavejail, as thing stand at the moment the jail wont be handed over to you (that will come in future releases of this mod). So please make a separate clean save before using this mod (and also disable the esm and esps from slave jail reloaded to avoid any clashes).


Copy all the files from the archive to the Fallout New Vegas/Data directory of your installation.

For best results, use FOMM or Nexus Mod Manager.


v0.8.0 Release version

v 0.8.1 The mod has been converted to an ESM version, for the sake of stability and to stop various things misbehaving (you still need the original main archive - just don't use the esp file from it).
Notable features: Made the auction sequence shorter, made the travel to slave town quicker (make sure you follow behind Feargus and Jorge). The audience in the arena is sent in pre-emptively to reduce delays and the npc fights should be shorter.

v 0.8.2 This is a significant update - it makes Episode I feature complete, by adding the following game systems:
- Quest can be started with Gecko Bob (follow the dialog about Anything interesting/What note is that)
- Guard Dogs, to thwart your escapes (well dog at the moment but you may interact with this one).
- Oppressive NPCs that will bully you.
- A follow your master system where straying from your master's side will get you punished.
- Better door guards. (try entering the Whore house on the walk through town - save before you do though - it may not end well)
- Better arena balance.