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A new lore friendly armor for both males and females

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Due to high request rates this is a newvegas port of my armor mod that was made for fallout 3

Images of your characters in my armor are greatly appreciated!

This is a new lore friendly armor i made in blender a while ago and developed it further to the point that its now at, its for both males and females and features 3 armor variants and 4 helmet variants.

-Wasteland soldier light-
This armor has stats identical to the Bounty hunter duster and is repaired with leather armor, this is intended for lower level people who are looking for a decent set of armor at a low price

-Wasteland soldier medium-
This armor has stats identical to Reinforced leather armor and is also repaired with leather armor, this is a bit stronger that the light variant of the armor.

-Wasteland soldier heavy-
This armor has stats identical to Reinforced combat armor and is therefore repaired with combat armor, this is the strongest and most expensive of the 3 armors and is probley best for those who tend to run into battles with guns blazing.

-Wasteland soldier helmets-
All the helmets have the same stats as the default combat helmet and any variants have purely cosmetic changes, helmets are repaired with combat helmets

All the armors can be bought from the Gun runners HQ or the Gun runners shop at the 188 trading post, there is no other way to obtain them this has been done to maintain balance in the game.

Just extract the zip or rar file into your data folder enable the esp and enjoy!

Delete the Wasteland soldier armor.esp file and delete the Ghouls folder located in armor under both textures and meshes

If you have any major issues with clipping leave a comment and ill get to it as soon as i can! (Their will probley be issues with the female version of this armor as i have not tested it ingame)