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This mod changes how the Pre-Order packs items are handled by distributing them through the leveled lists as variants of their generic equivalents instead of a load of free equipment at the start of the game.

Permissions and credits
Integration - Courier's Stash
and at least one of the pre-order packs.
This mod changes how the Pre-Order packs Weapons & Armor are handled.

No more free equipment just after waking up in Good Springs.

Now the Weapons and Armor are added to the leveled lists as alternates of their generic equivalents.

Anywhere you could normally find say...a 10MM Pistol, you will now have a chance to find a 10MM Pistol, Reinforced or with Leather Armor you could now find a Leather Armor, Lightweight instead.

The equipments new names:

Weathered 10MM Pistol-->10MM Pistol, Reinforced
Mercenary Grenade Rifle-->Grenade Rifle, Lightweight
Broad Machete-->Machete, Broad
Sturdy Caravan Shotgun-->Caravan Shotgun, Sturdy
Lightweight Leather Armor-->Leather Armor, Lightweight
Armored Vault 13 Jumpsuit-->Vault 13 Jumpsuit, Armored
Lightweight Metal Armor-->Metal Armor, Lightweight
Tribal Raiding Armor-->Not included (Reason listed below)

And the Perks they will now work with:

10MM Pistol, Reinforced: "The Professional" and is now considered an "Improved Holdout Weapon".
Grenade Rifle, Lightweight: "Demolition Expert", "Grunt" and will also ignite gas traps on hit now.
Machete, Broad: Can now have poison applied and is added to the appropriate GRA challenges.
Caravan Shotgun, Sturdy:"Shotgun Surgeon"
Metal Armor, Lightweight: "In Shining Armor" and will no longer receive the benefits from "Travel Light" and "Light Touch" perks.

All equipment has been added to there vanilla equivalents repair lists.

The vault armor and canteen have not been added to the leveled lists but to the vault 21 gift shop store.

The tribal raiding armor however I didn't include because it uses the same mesh and texture as the raider blast master armor so I didn't see the point in including it.

Also the caravan shotgun has a script to fix the VATS critical bug that all shotguns have.



I would greatly suggest you use a mod manager like FOMM or Wrye Flash
There is also the Nexus Mod Manger, but I've never used that one.

1. This mod Requires NVSE to be installed. It will not work without it.

2. If you have all 4 Pre-order packs install one of the "Integration - Courier's Stash" variants which deals with all 4 packs.
If you don't have all the packs then install the individual Integration Packages.

3. If you are using Shotgun Commando then use one of the Shotgun Commando variants (Caravan pack and Couriers stash only).

4. If you use WMX then use one of the WMX variants IN PLACE OF the WMX pre-order plugin(s).


To uninstall Integration - Courier's Stash, simply deactivate the mod package in the mod manager of your choice.


To uninstall manually just delete the .esp and (if applicable) the BSA.

If you don't have a clue how to install a mod manually then read this little post as a starting point.

Load Order
Load after anything that changes the Pre-Order pack weapons & armor.

This applies to all Versions.

All leveled list and form list changes are done through script so no need to worry about those.
Not compatible with Classic Pack 10mm bug fix by Chucksteel as it is merged into the mod.

Minor incompatibility with
Gun Runners Arsenal GRA - The Right to Bear Arms
in that it causes 3 leather armors (1 normal & 2 Light) to spawn on any NPC that would normally get 1.
No longer an issue as of 1.2

Compatible with Shotgun Commando with one of the Shotgun Commando versions.
Compatible with WMX with one of the WMX versions.
Compatible with Jsawyer mod so long this is loaded after it.
Compatible with WME because as far as I know it doesn't have any pre-order plugins.

Known Issues
The Classic pack's pistol will not change it's model when modded. This is an issue with the Classic Pack it's self not this mod. To bypass this issue this mod makes a new pistol object that mimics the original. This mimic is the pistol that has been put in the leveled and form lists. If you already had the original pistol in your inventory from before installing this mod it will not disappear however it also doesn't get the perk bonuses.

Tools Used
G.E.C.K. (Obviously)
FNVEdit (Extremely useful tool.)
Notepad ++ (I wrote the scripts in this.)

Permission and Credits
Use the "Permissions and Credits" button just below the "Unique Downloads" tracker at the top of the page.