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Essentially the mod is a house mod. Two metal shipping containers have been furnished inside to serve as a basic shelter with a well-resting bedroll, water source, radio with station selection, fireplace (outside) and storage.
The twist is that there are four entrances to the same home and the last entrance used is where the player will exit.
Each entrance looks like the outside of the shelter, and is placed at different locations in the wasteland.

Four locations have entrances:
1: To the west the Thorn.
2: South of the Gunrunners.
3: By the Novac gas station. (Conveniently close to crafting benches)
4: Southwest of the 188.

I HIGHLY recommend you get the Mobile Auto-sorter by Glenstorm, to give you equally flexible sorting: Link

Screenshots taken with NMCs_Texture_Pack_For_New_Vegas

The crate models can bee seen as a modders resource, and you have permission to use them in your own mods, housing or otherwise, as long as you tell me about it.


Example of use in an unfinished mod: