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Mister Geck, Gizmoduck, Awesom-O 4000, Throwable poo, Skeletal Deathclaw, Living metal statues, vomiting gnomes, new armors, Gecko hybrids, and more wacky things!

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Greetings and salutations faithful Nexus fans! It may come as no surprise to you that I have been on haitus from modding for an extended period of time, but the reason behind this absence was because of my involvement with a AAA quality game called War for the Overworld that just launched its Kickstarter.
If you're a fan of either god game or real time strategy genres then you should spend a few minutes to watch our teaser video or walk around our playable showcase and even pledge your support as a backer.

AWOW> A World of Wacky

Version: 1.11 (updated!)
Date: 4/23/2012
Category: High Quality new stuffs!

What is AWOW?

- Awesom-O 4000 robot
- Skeletal Deathclaw enemy (like Baalrog from LotR)
- Minecraft weapon
- Gnome enemy: has cool puke attack that can skeletonize victims
- Gizmoduck from Ducktales/Darkwing duck!
- Geckclaw : Deathclaw + Gecko hybrid
- Mister Geck in all his dapper glory!
- Special rare easter egg weapons (like one from DeadSpace 2)
- Throwable poo!
- Living giant metal statues! (and their armors)
- and more (as well as more to come!)

NOTE: This mod is considered a wacky 'joke' mod and not to be taken seriously! Please don't talk about lore or replacers or things like that.

Current Release: V1.1
-new weapons
-new creatures
-new armors
-new items
-new encounters/ambushes

Version 1.11 adds:

* Added missing FX files that would cause some flames to render as purple squares

Version 1.1 adds:

* Enemies no longer 'replacers'! They are mixed in with the vanilla/original enemies for diversity.

* Nearly every weapons and armors in AWOW can be purchased at Mick & Ralph's

* Awesom-O 4000 from SouthPark is in AWOW (Yoba333 did the original clutter item i think)

* Skeletal deathclaw now an enemy. You are unable to detect him at first until you strike him or get close.

* Minecraft Axe weapon able to be found/boughten.

* Poo has new FX, like flies on it, stench, creates flies around struck victims, people have a chance to puke when struck with the poo.

* Mama's hair & glasses now able to be found/purchased

Installing/Updating & Uninstalling
*** NVSE is -NOT- needed!

A.) open .rar file
B.) Drag contents into your data folder
C.) Play game
D.) Visit our developer website to see videos and info of a new full-length game being made by a team of Nexus modders!

Load Order:

--> your other little mods
--> Camp Madness.esp (yes that was the first name of this mod. May be best to keep this last because it does replace a bunch of things)

Recommended Mods To Use With AWOW:

- Enhanced Blood Textures for NV : It does what it says, and quite well.
You'll be glad you have this when you start mowing down deranged gnomes
Enhanced Blood Textures

- EVE : Best visual FX mod ever! The blood squirts and energy wep crit kills look great on AWOW's enemies.

- 1st and formost is weijiesen for all his work on this. He put the whole thing together and created all visuals and visual FX used in this mod (like puking, poo fx, Gizmoduck, acid skeletonization, ect ect)

- Tapioks : The 'Scott' gnome creepy texture! as well as a couple others.Also, the AWOW logo :)

- DragBody : Rigging for various things in here.


If you wish to use any assets in your own mod, please send a PM to http://newvegas.nexusmods.com/modules/members/index.php?id=1026866 stating which assets and what they are to be used for