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Version 2
Author: Cookie1456 known as C6541

I researched some of the chems in Fallout New Vegas and matched them with real-world drugs as best I could.

Years ago a book of pharmacological knowledge was discovered, appropriately describing many of the waste's drugs. Some of this knowledge has made it to others and appears mostly in written form, otherwise people still prefer to use the old terms in their speech and quest giving. It's the difference between generic and brand names in our world.

Version 2 Update
Someone pointed out how addictive steady is so propranolol doesn't fit, I changed it to diazepam. Changed a few names and added a few names.

  • Jet ---> Amphetamine
  • Reasoning: Jet increases the amount of energy available to perform VATs, amphetamine is a natural choice for such an energy booster. Also amphetamine came in an inhaler called Benzedrine.
  • Dixon's Jet ---> Cut Amphetamine
  • Reasoning: Dixon's Jet gives less AP than regular Jet, so a cut amphetamine dealt by a shady dealer (Dixon) seems natural.
  • Rocket ---> Ethylamphetamine - In between amphetamine and methamphetamine in potency
  • Reasoning: Provides more AP than Jet but less than Ultrajet, meaning it's intermediate in strength. Ethylamphetamine is intermediate between amp and meth in strength.
  • Ultrajet ---> Methamphetamine (Version 1.0 had dextromethamphetamine, shortened)
  • Reasoning: Most potent form of Jet, so methamphetamine seems natural.
  • Party Time Mentats ---> BZP
  • Reasoning: A kind of party time stimulant (but less powetful than jet), so benzylpiperazine
  • Psycho ---> PCP
  • Reasoning: PCP tends to induce anesthesia in humans, meaning the user can deal more pain with less inhibition.
  • RadAway ---> 5-Androstenediol
  • Reasoning: 5-Androstenediol is a steroid that has use in treating acute radiation sickness
  • Slasher ---> Morphine/PCP
  • Reasoning: Slasher is a Med-X/Psycho combo, so renamed to Morphine/PCP
  • Mentats ---> Modafinil
  • Reasoning: Mentants are a sort of mental booster like a nootropic drug, modafinil is this sort of drug called a eugeroic.
  • Med-X ---> Morphine
  • Reasoning: Bethesda's original name for Med-X
  • Grape Mentats ---> (R)-Modafinil
  • Reasoning: Another type of eugeroic.
  • Berry Mentats ---> Armodafinil
  • Reasoning: Another type of eugeroic.
  • Orange Mentats ---> Adrafinil
  • Reasoning: Another type of eugeroic.
  • Coyote Tobacco Chew ---> Tobacco Chew
  • Reasoning: Simplifying the name.
  • Rebound ---> Cathinone
  • Reasoning: Rebound is an injection of Jet and adrenal chemicals. Cathinone provides amphetamine effects with more of an adrenergic push.
  • Steady ---> Diazepam
  • Reasoning: Steady helps steady the user's hands, reducing weapon spray. Diazepam steadies hands.
  • Turbo ---> Inhalant
  • Reasoning: Turbo produces the effect of making the users surroundings appear to slow down and the item appears to be an aerosol can. Inhalable gases tend to make the world seem to go by slower.
  • Cateye ---> Tropicamide
  • Reasoning: Cateye makes night vision stronger. Tropicamide is a atropine derivative that dilutes the pupil, allowing more light to enter the eye.
  • Fixer ---> Ibogaine
  • Reasoning: Fixer temporarily removes withdrawal effects without being addictive in its own right. Ibogaine is the main alkaloid of the iboga root which is a powerful psychedelic that has the remarkable ability to hit almost all addictive drug receptors, attenuating withdrawal and often bringing about a spiritual state that is able to bring one to kick many different drug habits.
  • Changed many notes and messages to reference new drug names
  • Changed base and addiction effect names to their respective drug names
  • BZP gets it's own withdrawal class, so it is not interchangeable with modafinil/ardrafinil/etc.
  • Modafinil, ardrafinil, armodifinil, and (R)-Modafinil withdrawal effects are called Eugeroic Withdrawal
  • Iems such as drugged wine and empty syringes to reflect drug names (i.e. empty syringe is now empty morphine syringe)

1. Unzip the archive
2. Drag .esp into your Fallout New Vegas data folder
3. Launch launcher/mod manager and activate the .esp
4. Play

Future Updates
I plan to update pipboy icons of the renamed chems with molecular structures as an optional add-on.

Don't like the drug names I have chosen? Please suggest better names and/or names for unchanged chems. If you don't like the mod that's fine, I did this out of personal use and decided to share it.