Fh hairs for fnv and fo3 conversion by zzjay
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you can add them easily...like adding eyes.
you can add them to the race esp easily or to an esp linked to lngs.esm

every hair located in datameshes_hair>>here

have it's own texture ocated here: datatextures_hair.

load them in GECK in the main window,in the top,character>hair>either new or dupliacte on an exising on (set playable,do not set fixed color)
load model (the mesh,the one called nif) and the other is the texture.load the one of the same name.

save and play.

This mods add 7 hairs from demoness mod to non custom-race female.But you can add them to custom races too.It's very simple.
How to add hairs to Custom races.You will need a beauty mod like ling's coiffeur,or Mikoto,and add to that(if the race is compatible with your beauty mod.In that case i opened the geck,loaded ONLY ling.esm,whitout active files,and changed the meshes/textures of certain female hairs i didn't like to mine)
You can also add the hair to custom races by using the geck,and add new hairs:character>hair>New...

Hope you will enjoy!

Enb used in pictures:
Midhrastic enb for 0.141

in old version:
VERY IMPORTANT!!!! To add to custom races READ THIS!!!!

Mesh >> texture
Hair11 >> FH 16
Hair3 >> Fh10
Hair2 >> Fh5
Hair >> Fh18