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Adds a brand new armor to a crate in the Black Mountain Broadcast Building (2nd Floor, Tabitha\'s place). Comes as male/female version, 6 variants each! 2 female Bodytypes to choose from!

Permissions and credits
UPDATE!Patch for Robert's male body now avalable, thx to Nivea!!!

At last, someone reacted to the popular request for a conversion for Robert's male body! Nivea was so kind do do a great version for all you guys who don't like Breeze's body! Go get it here and make sure you drop here some endorsements!! Thx Niv!




Hi there and thanks for stopping by.

This mod adds a hand-crafted armor to the game. It comes as a male and a female version and has three varieties each. Each of the varieties also comes with and without a shoulder harness so you will be able to choose your preferred style and also mix and match them with the already existing, awesome "add-on" mods. See the "Recommendations" Section for more info.

The outfit is a replica of my favourite outfit from Bethesda's/ID'S "Brink". It was modeled and textured entirely from scratch, no assets from other mods/games were used.

The download section offers three downloads to choose from: - adds a total of 6 armors. The male armors are fitted to Breeze's male body, the female ones to Skims' Athletic Body. - also adds 6 armors. Male armors for Breeze again, the female versions here are fitted to Izumiko's awesome Type6m body. - adds 10 armors. Contains all male and female variants mentioned above.

You can find an overview/comparisons in this mod's screenshots section.

IMPORTANT: The dirty/oily skin textures are not included in the download!

Just choose one, download and install it the way you prefer. Only run one esp a time!

IMPORTANT!: In any event, you need to have Breezes New Vegas Males installed and working, In case you don't, go get it here:

Breezes New Vegas Males


The outfits can all be found in a crate on the secound floor of the Black Mountain Broadcast Building (Tabitha's place). See the screenshots section for more info.
The crate contains one armor variant each. In case you need more simply use the (player.)additem command.


This probably won't work or lead to bad clipping of death when using the vanilla pip-boy. I probably won't come up with a fix for this so I highly suggest using for example Pip-Boy Readius NV

There's a small gap in the wrist area I just couldn't get rid of. Only visible on the light and medium versions.
If you're using a custom fov or changed back to default from another value, you might have the fur collar clip into you view. Just restart NV and it should be fine! In case you find anything else, drop me a message or use the comments section.


Thanks to my girlfriend for compassion, patience, feedback and support!
Thanks to Bethesda for creating Fallout and Brink
Thanks to Jonas66 for helping me out with wrinkles!! ;)
Thanks to Jeux for his patience with my absenteeism!
Thanks to Skims for his Female Athletic Body Replacer
Thanks to Izumiko for his T6m Body


Mods that go well with these outfits:

Tailor Maid - NV
Holster Gear
Sari-December's Wearable Dogtags


Q: Can you make me armor? I want ...!
A: Definitely not! After making the experience of making an armor from scratch for the first time here, I decided NOT to take requests!

Q: Make it look like this! Make it skimpier! Nude Version!
A: This armor comes as it is, no alterations/custom jobs!

Q: Why are her legs so fat?
A: Maybe because of the protection gear she wears!? No seriously, it was kinda hard to shrink the legs down to "cute-size" and still make it look good with the jacket on so I decided to keep the bulky look.

Q: Where'd you get x from screenshot y!?
A: The Hummer comes from this mod Midwestern Brotherhood of Steel Faction and is NOT included in my mod. It was only placed there for the purpose of screenshots!
The male Hairstyle is a custom one done by me, I just started to do male hairstyles and once I got a few together, they're most likely gonna get released!
The guns are from Nordic Firearms and Magpul Masada ACR Hi Poly


This mod is considered a Nexus-Exclusive so NO REUPLOADS TO OTHER SITES!! Permission to do so won't be given in any event so don't bother asking!
None of the files included is to be considered as modder's resource, don't use it in mashups, compilations unless they are FOR PERSONAL USE ONLY!

Violating these terms will result in a report, most likely a ban and further measures regarding copyright infringement.

EXCEPTION: Retextures! If you would like to make one and share it, feel free to do so, just make sure the orginal files here are required and give proper credit!


© 2012, Sari-December,