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Adds a small script to Ash and Goo piles caused by Laser and Plasma Critical hits that makes them disappear when the cell resets (every 3 days if the player is not within the cell during this time).

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Since the permanent Ash and Goo piles is not caused by a bug but an intended game mechanic, which means they wont be "fixed", I decided to fix the main reason why I never bothered with Energy Weapons.

This small mod adds a very simple script that makes the Ash and Goo piles disappear every time the cell is reset. The reset happens every 3 days as long as the player is not present within the cell during this time. This is to mimic the behavior of corpses left by unnamed NPC's.

The mod requires no DLC but works well with any and all of them.


Drop the .esp in your Fallout NV data folder and activate it in your game loader.


Deactivate it in you game loader and delete the .esp.

This also affects Ash and Goo piles left by killing Named NPC's. Though it does NOT affect the placed Ash piles in the sacked caravans (they use a different ID) nor the Ash pile left in the Silver Rush after the first time you enter.