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Added: 19/02/2012 - 08:08AM
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Last updated at 8:15, 19 Feb 2012 Uploaded at 8:08, 19 Feb 2012

Name: Se7enraven's Mod Bits 1
Category: Modder's Resource
Version: 1
Author: Se7enraven

This is a Modder's Resource containing 21 models with textures. The items are from a mod I am currently working on and are "cyber-punk" themed, so please keep that in mind. All models are reskinned vanilla FONV, except the cardboard box model. This resource includes:

-a cardboard box (havoked)
-a wooden crate (static)
-a pack of cigarettes (havoked)
-a credit card (havoked)
-a data cube (Havoked)
-3 dumpsters (static)
-1 dumpster (activated)
-1 meter box (static)
-1 Elevator Call Switch (static)
-1 fiber optic Cable (havoked)
-1 First Aid Kit (activated)
-1 garbage bag (static)
-1 garbage bag (havoked)
-1 garbage can (static)
-1 Incinerator Container (activated)
-1 Key Card (havoked)
-1 Mail Box (activated)
-1 "OPEN" sign
-1 Smoke alarm (static)
-1 traffic Signal

I have also included a quick-n-dirty test .esp to view the models in lit and low-light conditions. Again, this resource is for modders who may find some use with these models/textures.

To travel there type "coc se7enraventest1a" and/or "coc se7enraventest1b". This was provided to simply view the items and test function concepts.

Bethesda and Obsidian For Fallout: NV
Niftools team for the exporter and Nifskope
CGTextures.com - Best free textures on the net.
Se7enraven-for nifskope editing of models and texture creation/assembly

Feel free to include or edit, just give me credits for my work.