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Changes your start menu color, Fallout New Vegas logo on main menu, and loading screen roulette wheel to match your hud color

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ANNOUNCEMENT! V1.3 Available! now with Fallout New Vegas logo and loading screen roulette wheel color change

Have you ever thought your start menu needed a makeover? If you're like everybody else that's changed their backgrounds, you'll find that the orange text probably doesn't fit. Hell, maybe you're just Orangeaphobic. Whatever the case, that start menu text gets dreary and annoying at some point and nothing you do can change that... except for this tutorial.

Follow the steps in the file and all should be well in the world. That's right, this mod saved the planet.

With that, I give everyone a "You're welcome" in advance. Happy non-ugliness, everyone!

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Credits and Permissions
Credits: Myself: allmightysausage and gamerdude132
Permissions: PM me before posting or reposting this mod ANYWHERE,
including the the allowed sites below OR using it in your mod.
I will likely say, "Yes". but I will report you without mercy if you
do not obey my own rules or the rules of the posting sites.

If you got this mod from ANYWHERE other than the allowed sites below and/or
it says it was uploaded by ANYONE else besides "allmightysausage, or loismustdie555 <===={my modding buddy},
than report whoever uploaded it to the site's administrators and/or contact me immidiately.

Allowed Websites:
-All Nexus Sites

Allowed Posters:
-loismustdie555 <========My Modding Buddy