The Freeside Mansion House Mod by Fireapple9
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Added: 16/01/2012 - 06:39AM
Updated: 17/01/2012 - 04:07PM

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Last updated at 16:07, 17 Jan 2012 Uploaded at 6:39, 16 Jan 2012

This mod adds a interior to one of the buildings in Freeside, from the outside it looks like any other house were drunks sleep. But the inside is a 2 story, no wait 4 story mansion! With your very own Shooting Range, Armory, Study, Cigar Lounge, Penthouse, Bedroom, Bathroom, Diner, Freezer, Breaking Bad Reference, And have a baby supermutant couple, Bob & Jane Jones. (Yeah, I went there.) The Breaking Bad reference is 2 NPCs in a lab making Cigars (In this case, instead of meth) named Jesse and Heisenberg. Why add a reference you ask? Well. Because this is a personal house mod. And why not?

:::Info In A Nutshell:::
A large house mod in Freeside with a kitchen, bedroom, freezer, armory, shooting range, study, cigar lounge, living room, penthouse, ect.

Again, this is a personal house mod. So I did add 2-3 things that are references to my favorite things. And this requires no DLCs and contains no custom meshes, textures, or models.