Fallout New Vegas
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A Quest taking the player to the Bison steve Hotel, Prospectors Den and Nevada Highway patrol Station. The Quest also intertwines with the Quest \"I fought the Law\", enabling the player to assault the NCRCF without working fot Eddie

Permissions and credits
Off the Books

The quest starts at the NCR camp at Primm there a Corporal Hendrix tells you where to located Sgt. Rains (if you played my previus quest "Loose Ends" you'll knnow who Sgt. Rains is, If not it's okay). However please note that there is no requirement to have played my previus quest.

The Sergeant sends you out on small assignments before handing you over to Lt. Hayes and then you will participate in the raid on the correctional facility and finish the "I fought the Law" quest. the Theme of the quest is to deal with Jackal and Powder Gangers around Primm and offcourse the NCRCF

I basicly added a story to some of the "unmarked" quest such as the Prospectors Den and made it possible for the courier to assoult the NCRCF without having to work for the powder gangers first. I hope you enjoy the quest. Please Endorse !! it means more then you know


I altered the Quest start so now if you walk directly to the sheriffs office the Quest will start, Please note i you are still able to start the quest by talking to Cpl. Hendrix.
Also I change the scripting a bit, so it should run more smoothly now

The Lings dependency is now removed, I have not playtested it yet due to timeissues, but I am 99% nothing from lings was used during making of the Quest, but if you encounter a error, just ad a comment and i'll try to resolve it

Before Update
"Due to a mastake on my parts, the quest is "lings" dependent, i am trying to remove that dependency, but then its done i don't know.
I apologize for any inconvinience this might had had for the people who DL the file, sorry"