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Name: Type6 Combat Uniform v1.1
Version: 1.1.1
Date: 2013/11/25
by Izumiko

-------------------[ What's this? ]-----------------------
The combat uniform is added to the combination of low-rise pants and tank tops
Body modification based Type6 (T6M) we use
Disconnected accessories are also available, See you - please use as sleepwear in Time for Bed

---- V1.1Update ----
We have a plug-in and plug-in for New Vegas for Fallout3, please use your environment
I readjusted the status of the armor for each game

---- V1.1.1Update ----
DoA Option created
I fix the weights deformed bandolier is pulled to the waist .

· T6M Combat Uniform UC (Urban Camouflage)
· T6M Combat Uniform DC (Camouflage Digital)
· T6M Combat Uniform WL (Woodland Camouflage)
· T6M Sleep wear UC
· T6M Sleep wear DC
· T6M Sleep wear WL
· Western Scarf Red
· Western Scarf Blue

========== Option Daughters of Ares patch ==========
It corresponded to the Daughters of Ares, Please copy and overwrite introduced in v1.1.1 as it is the archive introduction .

Since overrides the FoamID list , ( The tags appear in with already ) or batch created with the tag Deflst in Wrye Flash
Or please introduced by master update FNVEdit.

Daughters of Ares v2.2 or later

===== Obtaining =====

Chet is sold in the Goutte Springs Goodsprings General Store

"I had to kill the NPC, please obtain from the console"

-------------------[ Requirements ]-----------------------
Or texture for the Type3 DIMONIZED TYPE3 female body

-------------------[ Install ]-----------------------
Please copy and overwrite in the fallout new vegas \ Data Archive
It is recommended that you use the BAIN FOMM or the introduction

-------------------[ Licensing / Legal ]-------------
Please have freedom as the original policy, when I am diverted enjoy writing credits.
Thanks to all moder great game and made Bezesuda
Reproduction to other things like the uploader of this file, please refrain from MOD

To translate the plug-in languages ??other than English, and I ask them to publish freely changed.
Please tell me your address and a public report public after it is fine instead.
-------------------[ Credit ]------------------------
DIMONIZED TYPE3 female body by dimon99 TheRowan
Type6 Body and Armor replacer by Necroscope
Jill Valentine BSAA Outfit TYPE 3 by Redline_C64
Ghost bodysuit for Type3 by Fizz
Daughters of Ares by lucasjose501

-------------------[ Change History ]------------------------
2011/12/10 v1.0 Initial release
2012/01/10 v1.1 Additional plug-ins for New Vegas
In skin texture "_sk" correct mistakes is not specified
Create a new UV map and texture changes Scarf
Add a blue Scarf
2013/11/25 v1.1.1 Fixed weight of bandolier
Compatible with DoA