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Restores the cut Radscorpion Egg item, making it possible to find it on the corpses of Radscorpions.

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On today's episode of "Did You Know"...

DID YOU KNOW that Radscorpions were intended to have Eggs you could loot from them?

This is yet another one of those changes that was made very late in the development of the game. Radscorpion Eggs still exist within the game's resources, and even can be used for part of the quest Bleed Me Dry if you manage to get your hands on 12 of them. The only thing really lacking is the option to find them... which this mod fixes.

This mod restores Radscorpion Eggs as a miscellaneous item you may find on the corpses of Radscorpions. Each Radscorpion Egg has a weight of 2 pounds and a value of 25 caps (up from the default of 5). Outside of Bleed Me Dry there's no real use for the item, so it is suggested you sell them for profit.