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Added: 06/01/2012 - 08:35PM
Updated: 30/03/2012 - 03:50AM

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Last updated at 3:50, 30 Mar 2012 Uploaded at 20:35, 6 Jan 2012

By Jeoshua

Increases FPS while removing unsightly clutter, glows, and dust. Additionally, changes the Mojave wasteland into an actual grassy desert, exactly the way it is in real life. Removal of the bushes and scrubs and replacement with automatically generated grass not only increases your frame rate, it also covers up the same trouble spots that the bushes were meant to cover up.

With Clean-Deluxe, many areas of the wasteland will appear very much cleaned. The motes of dust that used to hang in the air will be gone. The litter which clogged the streets will be swept up. The grass will grow. But the FEEL of the game will remain the same.

Piles of trash still collect in many places. The air inside houses will still be dusty, and light will still stream from the windows. Nothing will truly be "clean" because people have given up hope. Clean-Deluxe is as Lore Friendly as it gets.

User Comments
"Before I got this mod, NV ran at around 20 fps on lowest settings because I have a toaster for a computer. After I got this mod, I can run around 40-45 fps, doubling my frames and making an overall better gaming experience." - KineticPest*

"The framerate improvement is just a plus really. I feel like I can see alot more of the environment now, which is odd since, technically there is less in it. Bravo." - camplex74

"It's just awesome :D Gives a pretty huge boost in performance too." - Iyumichan

"I've used a number of different performance enhancing mods before and Clean-Deluxe NV is easily the one that has had the most noticeable increase in game performance." - vadrigald

"Fantastic mod, endorsed! I now get a steady 32 fps almost everywhere I go. It made Lonesome road playable finally!" - trepmaws

*Results may vary

Download the newest version of Clean-Deluxe from the official site.
Use Fallout Mod Manager to install the mod, or manually install the esp files
into the Fallout New Vegas data directory.

Enable the files which apply to you:
Clean-Deluxe FNV.esm - Required for all versions

Clean-Deluxe FNV.esp
Clean-Deluxe FNV - DeadMoney.esp
Clean-Deluxe FNV - HonestHearts.esp
Clean-Deluxe FNV - OldWorldBlues.esp
Clean-Deluxe FNV - LonesomeRoad.esp
Clean-Deluxe FNV Merge - All DLC.esp (Contains all of the above. Use separately)

Clean-Deluxe FNV - ILO.esp (Requires Interior Lighting Overhaul - any version)
Clean-Deluxe FNV Merge - ILO.esp (Requires ILO and all DLC content)

Clean-Deluxe FNV - AWOP.esp (Support for A World of Pain)
Clean-Deluxe FNV Merged - AWOP.esp (Contains all DLC references in addition to AWOP. Use Separately)
Clean-Deluxe FNV - ILO (AWOP).esp (For the AWOP-ized version of Interior Lighting Overhaul)
Clean-Deluxe FNV Merge - AWOP + ILO.esp (Combines all DLC references in addition to ILO and AWOP. Use Separately)

Do not use more files than you need to!
Unneeded files can and should be deleted or otherwise removed from your Fallout NV Data folder. No sense dirtying your load order with files that are meant to clean it up.

If this is your first mod that you've installed, it goes in your Data Folder,
not in a subdirectory of your Data folder, and not in the Fallout New Vegas main
folder. Any questions about how to install this mod that are that basic will be
met with a less than enthusiastic response.

Nexus Mod Manager
Clean-Deluxe NV has no official support of the Nexus Mod Manager. Any questions
of support or problems while using it in conjunction with Clean-Deluxe NV will
be quickly pointed towards the official forums for NMM support, or ignored.

Load Order
Clean-Deluxe NV should be loaded late in your load order, directly before any
weather mods you may use. NOTE! With the 1.0+ version the load order should be changed. Clean-Deluxe FNV.esm does not need to go in any specific place, but Vurts WFO.esp should now be loaded AFTER all of the Clean-Deluxe files.

Sample Load order:

ELECTRO-CITY - CompletedWorkorders.esm
ELECTRO-CITY - Highways and Byways.esm
Clean-Deluxe FNV.esm
ILO-RI-Fallout New Vegas - Combined Edition.esp
ILO-RI-NVInteriors Project.esp
Clean-Deluxe FNV Merge - ALL DLC.esp
Vurts WFO.esp
LUMENARIUM - Working Sunglasses ONLY.esp
LUMENARIUMandELECTROCITY - Nevada Skies Replacer.esp

Note: Make sure that any problem that you wish to report occurs when
Clean-Deluxe NV is the only plugin that you are using. If the
problem persists when Clean-Deluxe is disabled, it is not my fault.

Problem: "Whenever I run this mod, New Vegas freezes at startup"
Issue: You are attempting to use a mod is asking for a master file which
does not exist in your data folder.
Solution: Check to make sure you have all files which your mods are asking for
Do not use DLC compatibility patches if you do not have that DLC

Problem: "Fallout actually CRASHES when I use this mod with this other mod"
Issue: The other mod you are using has set one or more objects that
Clean-Deluxe NV has modified as DELETED. This will cause crashes.
Solution: See the Cleaning Mods section.

Problem: "Some of the objects which were removed by this mod have come back"
Issue: You have added a new mod which edits these objects.
Solution: Change Clean-Deluxe NV's load order to load later.

Problem: "I am using a mod which adds new locations that are very dirty."
Issue: There is not a compatibility patch for it. If it's popular enough
and the clutter is bad enough, I could be enticed to make one.
Solution: Tell me about it on the forums.

Problem: "The game crashes when I try to exit, when using this mod."
Issue: (Possibly) The weight of the mod is just too great and the close-out fails.
The crash is mostly benign and has never been noticed in-game.
Solution: Install New Vegas Stutter Remover
Note: This will by default limit your frame rate to 30. I recommend leaving it
that way for a smoother gaming experience overall. This feature can be
removed by editing Data\NVSE\plugins\sr_New_Vegas_Stutter_Remover.ini

Problem: This seems like a lot of files to load
Issue: You're not using the right files.
Solution: If you're using AWOP, NVInteriors, and Interior Lighting Overhaul, use JUST
the merged Megapack. No other files. The same if you're using all of the
DLCs, use Merge - All DLC. All of the "Merge" files contain everything you
need to use this mod, and do not require the main file.

Cleaning Mods
Requires FNVEdit (http://www.newvegasnexus.com/downloads/file.php?id=34703)

1) Open the affected esp file in FNVEdit. Make sure all files are unchecked
other than the mod that you are attempting to clean.
2) Once FNVEdit has loaded the files and you see "Background Loader: finished",
right click on the Files pane and select "Apply Filter".
3) Select "Conflict Status Inherited By Parent" only. Click "Filter".
4) Give it a minuite or two. This part will take a while.
5) Once the Filtering is complete, the entries in the File pane will show up
in color. Right click on the mod you are attempting to clean and select
"Undelete and Disable References".
6) Yes, you're sure you want to edit this file.
7) Right click on the mod again, select "Remove Identical to Master References"
8) Close FNVEdit and save the file. Your file is now clean, and will not cause
crashes due to deleted objects (no promises about other kinds of crashes).

Note: In case of problems caused by this procedure, files edited in FNVEdit
are automatically backed up as .esp.backup., and
placed in your Data Folder. Deleting the plugins you modified and
renaming this backup file will restore your files to how they were
before you edited them.

Note: Do not attempt to clean DLC plugins or Master Files in this manner.
Doing so may cause the mod to become broken. Cleaning an ESM file in
this way will not lead to any stability improvements, as the method in
which these files operate is different than ESP files.

Note: If you are a Mod Author you should already have done this before you
released your mod. For shame if you have not. "Some Assembly Required"
is not the way to do business in modding. In the future, Please clean
your mods before releasing them into the world.

Clean-Deluxe FNV is Donationware. If you like it, please feel free to contribute whatever you can to the cause. A lot of time and effort has gone into making this mod as good as it can be.