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A follow-up to the fair amount of popularity that Mojave Music Radio: Extended got, Mysterious Broadcast: Extended is a radio expansion for the station that comes with the Old World Blues DLC. This mod is a little more complex, however, as it restructures the station internally so as to rename it to \"Old World Blues,\" prevent repeat songs, and h

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Mysterious Broadcast/Old World Blues: Extended v1.0
A compilation by ZeroDiamond

UPDATE: 01/03/12

If you already downloaded this station, please download the NEW Music Pack 3. Apparently I forgot that 51 doesn't come after 30 and thusly left out 20 whole tracks. These formerly missing tracks are included in the new #3.


A follow-up to the fair amount of popularity that Mojave Music Radio: Extended got, Mysterious Broadcast: Extended is a radio expansion for the station that comes with the Old World Blues DLC. This mod is a little more complex, however, as it restructures the station internally so as to rename it to "Old World Blues," prevent repeat songs, and hopefully stomp out any of the bugs that the station had out of the box. The mod comes standard with ESPs for 20, 40, 60, 80, and 100 tracks. Note that these are not the numbers of new tracks, but the number of tracks in total.

The extension itself is 90 all-new tracks for Mysterious Broadcast, mostly of instrumental jazz pieces but also including some vocal pieces and a small sampling of jazzier blues songs and big band swing. Music in this collection is sourced from public domain and free use sources, such as the fantastic 78rpm collection over at the Internet Archive. Below is a complete track list, separated by the pack that they're in.

1.) Kenny Graham - The Hurry Up
2.) Buddy Clark - I'll See You In My Dreams
3.) Six Black Diamonds - St. Louis Blues
4.) Billie Holiday - Easy Living
5.) Jimmy Durante - Ink A Dink A Doo
6.) Cecil Gant - I Wonder
7.) Raymond Scott - Powerhouse
8.) Joe Venuti's Blue Six - Doin' the Uptown Lowdown
9.) Raymond Scott - Twilight in Turkey
10.) Vera Lynn - In The Mood

11.) Raymond Scott - New Year's Eve in a Haunted House
12.) Sid Phillips - Sugar Beat
13.) Ralph Dollimore - Hit and Run
14.) David Lindup - Veiled Threat
15.) Kenny Graham - Slick in the City
16.) Barrel House Annie - If It Don't Fit (Don't Force It)
17.) Ronnie Hazlehurst - A Hat, A Cane
18.) Raymond Scott - In An 18th Century Drawing Room
19.) Jezkuv Jazz Band - Hot Fingers
20.) Ted Lewis Orchestra - The Lonesome Road
21.) Artie Shaw - The Skeleton in the Closet
22.) Dick Walter - Dames and Daggers
23.) Artie Shaw - Comes Love
24.) Dick Walter - Cue the Action
25.) Joe Venuti Orchestra - My Man From Caroline
26.) Joe "Fingers" Carr - Ain't She Sweet
27.) Victoria Spivey - Blood Hound Blues
28.) Keith Nichols - Creole Clarinet
29.) Fletcher Henderson & His Orchestra - Happy Feet
30.) Gerhard Trede - Jerry Cotton

31.) Cab Calloway - Between the Devil and the Deep Blue Sea
32.) Chris Barber's Jazz Band - Petite Fleur
33.) Jean-Pierre Fabien - Gramercy Swing
34.) Zutty Singleton & His Orchestra - King Porter Stomp
35.) Red Nichols & His Five Pennies - Battle Hymn of the Republic
36.) Raymond Scott - At An Arabian House Party
37.) Gene Krupa Orchestra - Stompin' at the Savoy
38.) Artie Shaw - Besame Mucho
39.) Jimmy Noone's Apex Club Orchestra - Sweet Georgia Brown
40.) Johnny Pearson - Romance at Midnight
41.) Billy Banks and the Blue Rhythm Boys - Heat Waves
42.) Will Holland - Be Cool
43.) Raymond Scott - Moment Musical
44.) Jimmy Durante & Eddie Jackson - Won't You Come Home, Bill Bailey
45.) Ralph Dollimore - The Crime Busters
46.) Louis Armstrong - S.O.L. Blues
47.) Artie Shaw - Deep in a Dream
48.) Benny Goodman - I've Got a Gal in Kalamazoo
49.) Washboard Rhythm Kings - Hold That Tiger
50.) The Rias Big Band - Drive the Jive

51.) Don Harper - Hot Club 30
52.) Al Donahue & His Orchestra - Jeepers Creepers
53.) Cannonball Adderly - Cannonball
54.) Chris Barber's Jazz Band - Wild Cat Blues
55.) Alan Moorehouse - Roses and Moonlight
56.) Cab Calloway - St. James Infirmary Blues
57.) Raymond Scott - Manhattan Minuet
58.) Dick Walter - Hot Liquorice
59.) Raymond Scott - The Toy Trumpet
60.) Ted Lewis Orchestra - Take A Chance With Me
61.) Sidney Bechet - Sheik of Araby
62.) Raymond Scott - War Dance for Wooden Indians
63.) Victoria Spivey - Moaning the Blues
64.) Johnny Pearson - Midnight in Manhattan
65.) Red Nichols & His Five Pennies - Slippin' Around
66.) Jelly Roll Morton - Buddy Bolden's Blues
67.) Gerhard Trede - Kommissar Maigret
68.) Jezkuv Jazz Band - Dinah
69.) Gerhard Trede - Sneak Up
70.) Kay Kyser and His Orchestra - Chopsticks

71.) Keith Nichols - Chicago Stomp
72.) Louis Armstrong - Ain't Misbehavin'
73.) Fletcher Henderson & His Orchestra - Chinatown
74.) Sid Phillips - Mr. Charles
75.) Hans Conzelmann - Slow Sax
76.) Jelly Roll Morton - That's Like It Ought To Be
77.) Cab Calloway - You Gotta Ho-Di-Ho
78.) Al Donahue & His Orchestra - Jumpin' at the Jukebox
79.) Louis Jordan and His Tympany Five - Don't Burn the Candle At Both Ends
80.) Miff Mole and His Little Molars - You're the Cream in My Coffee
81.) Abe Lyman - Sharps and Flats
82.) Dick Walter - Appearing Live
83.) Red Nichols & His Five Pennies - American Patrol
84.) Alan Moorehouse - Happy Feet
85.) Chris Walden - Jive at Five
86.) Laurie Johnson - Blood in the Gutter
87.) Fletcher Henderson & His Orchestra - Wild Party
88.) Benny Carter - Catfish Row
89.) Jimmy Durante - As Time Goes By
90.) Kay Kyser and His Kollege of Musical Knowledge - Collegiate Fanny


1.) Download whichever music packs you wish to use. Note that for each pack you want, you require the pack before it (e.g. if you want to use Pack 4, you will require 1, 2, and 3 as well.) Unpack them to your /fallout new vegas/Data directory.
2.) Download the ESPs file. Unpack it to the same directory.
3.) Tick the checkbox on for whichever playlist you wish to use. You only require one as each pack stands alone with its own complete list.

It's that easy!


DorostheConqueror on the New Vegas Nexus forums for a very helpful radio station tutorial.
Joral for the Extended New Vegas Radio generator, some tools from which I used to speed up the process.
All of the musicians who recorded these songs, without whom this mod would not have been possible.


1.0 - Initial release.