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Return to Buena Vista

Hello and welcome to another installment of my many resource files which double up as actual mods. This particular mod is called Return to Buena Vista. For those of you who have played Fallout Tactics or are rabid Fallout fans you know exactly what this mod is all about. I took the design art from Fallout Tactics and used it as a base to reconstruct the facility in New Vegas. The entire post-military complex has now been rebuilt from the ground up “literally” as a new world cell for players to arrange their own mods and explore. I took great pains to make the facility appear realistic and as an actual reconstructed vision of the one from Fallout Tactics.

In addition to the rebuilding of the facility in New Vegas I also took my mythology from Operation Blitzkrieg and turned the place into an Enclave Green Zone. The Enclave owns the entire facility and is using it to reconstruct their entire army. This brings us to the numerous new enemies you shall now encounter.

New Enemies:
Reverse Engineered Liberty Prime (X51 for GECK search)
Geist Troopers (Gesit Troopers for GECK search)
Uber Soldate (Uber Trooper for GECK search)
Enclave War Hounds (Enclave War Hounds for GECK search)

Requires: All DLC
Instillation: Meshes with the meshes, Textures with the textures, ESM/ESP with the esm’s and esp’s.

However, everything is not automatically hostile to you. I created default friendly settings so that someone who can actually script can come in behind me and create a questline for joining the Enclave since I suck at that sort of thing. This having been said lets cover some basic information….

Q/A: I shot at the reverse engineered liberty prime and got royally owned?
Serves you right stupid. You should have known better.

Q/A: What areas am I allowed to develop?
You can touch EVERYTHING but the Hellion Skyfortress. I have big plans for that thing. I also left a giant open warehouse for people to build a town should they desire such a thing. Just announce your intentions on the mod page so that everyone else knows what one another is doing.

Q/A: Is it navmeshed?
After a ton of time trying “thin area removal” only to have the GECK crash each and every single time I gave up after 3 tries. The landmass is not Navmeshed for this release. However, after I help build a giant snowy mountain for someone else I will likely come back and continue work on this for a special post release. I also have intentions to film a Machinima in this world cell. If you frequent the forums you likely spotted my recruitment poster.

Q/A Am I allowed to add anything that I want?
Yes, so long as it’s within the bounds of reason. I want developers to take this semi-seriously. Obliviously if you try to apply a clown suit to every single Enclave soldier or something as equally as stupid I would be very pissed.

Q/A This seems rather boring. So it doesn’t really add anything?
I intend to come back and incorporate this into Blitzkrieg for some real fun missions, but otherwise all I added were the new enemies, the entire design for BV, and a few basic patrols to make the facility seem a little less empty. I also have the nagging suspicion that people can expect a whole new series of side-quests to crop up in this world cell because of its… uniqueness.

Q/A: Hey… I know that model for the Hellion Skyfortress… Didn’t you stea….?
SHUT UP!!! Not only do I have proof that this model was free and that I am allowed to use it, but I also have the email copies of everyone who donated to this project. Nothing was stolen to build BV or Blitzkrieg.

Q/A: Terms of Usage?
Credit myself and everyone else listed in the credits section in your mod. That is all.

Credits :
Uber Soldate: resource came from CIBs resource file on creatures which can be found here:
Bond Animated Flag: resource came from Bond123 which can be found here:
Hummer: resource came from Redline_C64 which can be found here:
Base Model for the Hellion Skyfortress: Psionic’s 3D Game Resources which can be found here: