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nyrb based on work by kaburke

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A guide to creating XML scripts which automate installation of a mod in FOMM or the Nexus Mod Manager.

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FOMOD scripts automate unpacking a mod through FOMM or the Nexus Mod Manager. They can display a menu to give choice over optional files, and make sure requirements (e.g. for DLC or other mods) are followed. You can see them in quite a few places: Project Nevada, the Unified HUD Project and Arwen's Realism Tweaks contain some particularly good ones.

An easy, but quite powerful way to make FOMOD scripts is using the XML system designed by Kaburke. FOMM and NMM generate a menu based on the XML which isn't as pretty as the C# scripts of Project Nevada, but still cover most things.

This guide hopes to explain almost all the features available in these scripts. To see where this goes, I've made scripts like this for Vurt's Wasteland Flora Overhaul, Nevada Skies URWLified, AG Supplementary Uniques and several others as PFPs at FOMOD Install Scripts. If these menus look good to you, hopefully this guide (and examining the other scripts) will show how to make them!

If you don't need menus, they can also be used to apply requirements to installing your mod, or unpack files based on conditions - see Project Nevada DLCs.