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Makes most of Caser\'s Legion female.

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Female Caesar's Legion

This doesn't remove thier hands like it shows in the images.
Its a small issue from when I removed a body mod.

This mod turns most of the unnamed legionnaires of Caser's Legion into
To me, this is pure poetic justice bcause of how they treat
women in thier society.

Finished testing it and there are a few legion I was unable to change (it was greyed out in the G.E.C.K.).

New Vegas

Copy the .esp into your data folder and activate it in your mod
manager of choice.

I'm sure that the load order doesn't matter since I didn't alter the scripts in any way.

Delete the .esp file.

Version History:
v0.9 - Changed most of the Legion into females
v1.0 - Finished changing the Praetrorians and did some testing.

Possible and upcoming updates:
Working on the images.
*If anybody wants to upload some images for me the would be great but personally I think its uneccesary to help describe this mod.

Vocie acting for the few lines that the generic legionnaires say.

Let me know if there are any bugs not relating to male legionnaire.