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Nineteen Powerfist models for the real tough-balled players. Forget about shooting, kick their asses lika a Real Man!)

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Copy content of folder "Data" into default folder "\Fallout New Vegas\Data" of your game, apply replace confirmation. Apply file HW-Powerfist-7UPD.esp in your mod-manager.

Attention, file HW-Powerfist-7UPD.esp works with a 7th update applied game, if you still have 6th update, use file HW-Powerfist-6UPD.esp, located at folder "Other ESP". In that folder you also find "easy-mod" files for both updates (HW-Powerfist-7EASY.esp and HW-Powerfist-6EASY.esp) – this is "light" version for lazybones - all powerwist recipes are already noted at pip-boy and have no additional craft requirements.


- This mod brings to a New Vegas reality ten (nineteen including all upgrades) powerfist models, that formally can be related to a 3 types: stab-fists (key skill - «Unarmed»); scissor-fists (key skill «Melee Weapons»); and special fists (key skills «Energy weapons» and «Explosives»). All of them have unique impact effects, animated gears, and other special effects. Powerfists are graduated such a way, to be harmonically involved into a game process from a start, and earlier models don`t become useless - you`ll need them for advanced models craft .

- Powerfists uses they own attack animation files, that is no used in original Fallout New Vegas, and have unique power attack animation. Some animation files, that used by a vannilia fists too, also have a minor changes, but there are no any influences on a vanillia weapons.

- Powerfists can be obtained through a workbench craft, and recipes are spreaded over all wasteland. You can also obtain complete models, but only at fraction safehouses: usable «Gladiolus MK.2» you can obtain at Legion` safehouse; «Plasmafist v.2» - at a safehouse of Brotherhood of Steel; «Electrod Plus» - at the Followers`s safehouse, and «Trinity» - at the NCR Rangers safehouse.

To avoid too tough advantages, that comes with the top powerfist models, they have some minor disadvantages: all attacks of top models are not "silenced", even if they are used in a stealth mode; some critical and VATS attacks can deal some damage to a player and can knock him on the floor; also top models have a pretty strong weight. Almost all «earlier» models have a low speed attack, and the top models are much faster.


TUSK -- Dinnertable at Doc Mitchell`s house, in Goodsprings.
(Craft requires skill «Repair» 40)

HOUSEWIFE -- Table in a backroom of «Prospector» Saloon, in Goodsprings.
(Craft requires skill «Repair» 40)

TWINSTINGER -- Hotel room («home») of player in Novac.
(Craft requires skills «Repair» 60 and «Unarmed» 30)

TRINITY -- Rusty bus hull, at the «188 trade post».
(Craft requires skills «Repair» 70 and «Unarmed» 40)

TRINITY II -- Workbench at the workroom in «GunRunners» HQ.
(Craft requires skills «Repair» 100 and «Unarmed» 50)

FIRESTARTER -- Motorunner`s hideout, in Vault #3.
(Craft requires skills «Repair» 60 and «Explosives» 30)

OVERBURNER -- Ab` Nellis Hangar with a B-29, on the table in a small room.
(Craft requires skills «Repair» 80 and «Explosives» 60)

FREDDY -- Vote tribune at Atrium, in Vault #11.
(Craft requires skills «Repair» 60 and «Melee Weapons» 30)

FREDDY 2 -- Raul`s home, on the workbench.
(Craft requires skills «Repair» 80 and «Melee Weapons» 40)

FREDDY: DREAMCATCHER -- «Dead Wind» cavern, the nest of... guess whom)
(Craft requires skills «Repair» 100 and «Melee Weapons» 50)

ELECTROD -- workbench at the Gibson garage, Gibson Scrapyard.
(Craft requires skills «Repair» 60 and «Science» 30)

ELECTROD PLUS -- Michael Angelo`s Billboards, one of the workbenches.
(Craft requires skills «Repair» 80 and «Science» 40)

PADRE TESLA -- Closed store-room at the Armory of Vault #34, on the shelf.
(Craft requires skills «Repair» 100 and «Science» 50)

PLASMAFIST -- Great Khan`s armory, beyond the prison cage.
(Craft requires skills «Repair» 60 and «Energy Weapons» 30)

PLASMAFIST v.2 -- VIP Lounge bar, at the Lucky 38 casino.
(Craft requires skills «Repair» 80 and «Energy Weapons» 40)

PLASMAFIST v.3 -- repair room at Brotherhood of Steel, Hidden Valley bunker.
(Craft requires skills «Repair» 100 and «Energy Weapons» 50)

GLADIOLUS MK.1 -- Nipton Townhall 1st floor, on a big table.
(Craft requires skills «Repair» 50 and «Melee Weapons» 30)

GLADIOLUS MK.2 -- Aurelius office, at Cottonwood-Cove, on the table.
(Craft requires skills «Repair» 75 and «Melee Weapons» 40)

THURST OF THE EMPEROR -- table in a Caesar`s camp, at the Fort.
(Craft requires skills «Repair» 100 and «Melee Weapons» 50)


- There can be a problem, with the powerfists-textures, that are glitching and looks like "corrupted" ingame. The reason is the hard texture compression (DXT1a) of the textures, but i never met this problem before... In this case, download "Minor-compressed-texture-pack" and copy the content into mod`s [...Data\textures\HWPowerfists] folder, and confirm substitution. This will replace problemmed textures by a new minor-compressed one. (Much heavier, but seems to shown correctly)

- There can be conflicts with some mods, that changes an Unarmed animation («Hand-2-Hand» type), probably this mod can owerwrite some important KF-files, so it`s better to make backup.

- If you using mods, that changes or turns off «VATS» mode - probably, the ultimate «VATS» attacks of the top models will not appear.

- Working with DLCs - can`t say exactely, untested.

- Fists covers forearm and looks normally with any equipped power-armor. Upperarm gears of «Plasmafist v.3» and «Trinity II» looks normally on the medium armors but have unpleasant clipping with powerarmors (they have too tough upperarms and pauldrons) so... So I hope you don`t like to wear powerarmor, can`t nothing to do with this, sorry)

P.S. This is my first mod, blah blah blah… so on, you know))

All work did by my own. As you can note, in fact powerfists are the retextured re-meshes of different original New Vegas 3d-models. And this gives some advantages: first of all, models and textures are looks enough atmospheric, cause they origins from the base game. For that case also, models are medium-poly and have no heavy textures, so it`s suitable with the middle hardware. And the last thing is in potential craft variations from original game objects.
Work was tough but fun and interesting. Look at the «Trinity» - you will see an Army Security Bot. And a "Freddy" blades - there are scaled Lily`s bumperswords. Sounds are great, I spend a hell a lot of time to sounding this mod (hope nobody playing a 8-bit Super Contra to recognize some sounds, LOL). Finally I just wanted to show interesting and odd mod, nor ultra-poly models with the uber-textures (and my crap-english, lol). So... Have fun))

PPS. Russian languaged version of this mod at modgames.net/load/95-4-0-7787