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Let your companions relax in style! You can choose whether companions keep their armor, or go casual, and choose what they wear! Two forms of \"wait\" option, the old stay stock still for combat etc. and a new sand box mode, they move around, sit down sleep etc. Plus companion idles, improvements and much more!

Permissions and credits
NOTE: 98% of users install and run this with no problem. BUT if you have any trouble using this check the install section first. Then read Suggestions for Debugging a Mod at the very end of this page before asking for help.

Ever annoyed by the fact that if you'd let your companions wait, they'd just stand there like a statue?Ever annoyed by the fact that when they are following they seem lifeless?

Now you can make companions go into 'sandbox mode', which allows them to interact with the environment.

Your companions will walk around, sit in chairs, lean against walls, or even harvest a nearby plant or dead animal for food. And possibly some other things.

Also Companions will perform Idle animations when they are following you, unless you're sneaking.

Current Version 3.2:

Adds a new sandbox package to all the companions, and allows you to activate it by talking to your companions and telling them that they can relax.
They will respond to this with their own voice, and a little gesture that is different for each companion.

The advantage of this is that the original 'wait here' command can still be used, so that your companions will still stand still if you need them to (for combat strategy reasons).

Version 3 is a complete rebuild with lots of additional features including;

1. There is no longer a distracting, and non-lore friendly initial prompt for companions to wear casual clothes, or keep there armor, this is now selectable through dialog, and can be changed at any time.

2. Different companions can be set to different options Veronica can wear casual clothes while Boone keeps his armor on.

3. Companions now have a relaxed wear container accessible through dialog, so you can choose what they relax in!

4. Additional Idles while PC's are following you.

5. Several subtle companion tweaks and bug fixes, such as giving ED-E light step.

6. Now has separate sandbox packages for sneak mode. Companions will no longer randomly stand up while sneaking.

7. ED-E can play Radio New Vegas

A Huge thanks to Povuholo without his Companion Sandbox mode, and permission this would not have been possible. check out his original mod here:

Thank you SavevsDM for the idea to give ED-E the light step perk: http://www.newvegasnexus.com/downloads/file.php?id=35526

Thank you jim_uk for the idea to do companion idles:

1. Extract the Companion Sandbox Mode3.esp and Sound folder to your Steam\steamapps\common\fallout new vegas\Data folder. Select 'yes' if it asks to overwrite.
2. Start the New Vegas Launcher (Or use a mod manager like NMM), click 'Data Files' and place a checkmark beside the Companion Sandbox Mode3.esp.
3. Play the game! It may take a couple of seconds for the new topic to show up the first time.


V3.1: This version may be incompatible with mods that change something about companions.

When in doubt, load the other mod later than this one (so that one will definitely work) and then see if using the relax dialogue topic still makes the companions go into sandbox mode.
If your companion just stands still right there when you tell them to relax, or they start walking home, it's very likely there's a conflict with that other mod that alters the companion.

It should be possible to merge changes that other mods make to the companions with FNVEdit, if you know how.

Known Issues or Bugs
This is a BETA please contact the author for any major bugs.

SAVE~!!, Save frequently, save often, and not in the same save file! This is important for all mods!

Items will "dissapear" out of a characters inventory when they are sandboxing. This isn't so much a bug as they put it in a container. Just tell them to follow you, and the items should come back. If anyone has any problems otherwise.

If you do think you lost any items just use the console COC companioncell.There are containers for each persons gear, and dummy models that hold the test clothes.

If your companion stands perfectly still all the time when told to relax, or starts walking home, this is because of a mod conflict.

Companions can use all kinds of furniture and 'idle markers'. This means they can sit in chairs, lean against a wall, or hang over a counter,
but they can also do strange things. Like gardening, taking over the barman's job of cleaning plates, or other things you wouldn't expect.
There isn't much that can be done about this, but it's all fairly harmless (and funny sometimes).

-Fixed Honest Hearts dialogue conflict.

- Changed packages so companions no longer play idles while in Sneak Mode. (will add new sneak appropriate idles in the future)

- Fixed bug's including adding some redundant code to keep the companions from ending up holding the outfit switch item.

3.0 Complete rewrite of Povuholo's excellent mod.

- added dialog selection on whether or not to wear armour or casual clothes.

- Added containers to hold items when companions relax.

- added dumby NPC's to hold relax wear.

- added dialog to change relax wear.

- added new Idles to companion packages.

- added light step perk to ED-E in initialization script.


If you have any questions, spotted any bugs or have anything to say in general please contact me through Nexus:



If you would like to re-use any part of this mod. You must do 3 things:

1. Credit Tyron1234, and Povuholo, for companion sand box pieces. Credit, SavevsDM for the idea of giving ED-E light step perk, and credit jim_uk for adding idles to the companion packages. (Mods take hours and hours to make, and more to test give Credit!)

2. Include relevant details from this Read-me or include this read-me as a document in your mod.

3. Please notify me of what your doing! This isn't asking permission, I just would like to be told what this is being used for and where (again this mod took a lot of work please be considerate)

Suggestions for Debugging a Mod
These suggestions apply to almost all Mods so please read them before asking for help.

Check 1: Did the mod install right?
Check to make sure you followed all of the installation instructions the mod author provided and that all of the resource files ended up in the correct place inside your data directory. Missing resource files can cause mods to not work.

CHECK 2: Is your game Updated?
Make sure you are running an up to date version of New Vegas. Most mods are written with newer patched versions and in some cases require those newer versions. You can easily find instructions for how to update your game using Steam, D2D etc. for whichever way you bought the game.

CHECK 3: Mod Conflicts
3.A Look for Mod Conflicts
See if you have any other mods changing the same companion/item/value etc the program FNVEdit is great for that

FNVEdit will by default try to open all the mods in your current load order and can show you any conflicts that are occurring. There are lots of instruction docs on how to use it, it only takes 30 to 60 minutes to learn and is great if your serious about modding your games.

If you find conflicts but they aren't impacting the same field you can often merge them to make both mods work. Example this mod changes Veronica to add new packages, a different mod changes Veronica's face. They won't both work at the same time unless you merge them.

3.b Check your Load Order
Make sure you have things in the right Load order. A good way to check Load Order on a mod that is being weird is to try temporarily loading it as the very last thing. In all of Bethsoft's gamebryo games (Oblivion, Morrowind, Skyrim, Fallout 3, Newvegas etc) whatever mod is loaded last "wins" in terms of conflicts.

If you load this mod last and it works, but you load it in a different order and it doesn't it's because of a mod conflict. In the case of this Mod it is ONLY impacting companions, companion dialogue, and companion packages so load order relative to other mods that change other things, weapons, landscape etc. shouldn't matter.

You can also try some various load order solutions like "BOSS" etc. They work better on some mods and some games than others but if your using a ton of mods they are a good idea.

3.C try disabling other Mods.
Most mod manager programs let you save out a list of your installed mods and their load order. Do this! Then make absolutely sure you know how to reactivate that list.
Next try deactivating all of your other Mods except the mod your trying to debug. If the mod your trying to debug now works, it was broken because of a mod conflict. You can try reactivating mods one at a time to identify the conflicting one or use NVSE as in step 2.A

CHECK 4: Make a clean save and reinstall!

You can also try to make a "Clean Save" and then reload the mod. To make a clean save do the following:

1: Deactivate every setting in the mod your making a clean save for. In this case take every companion out of sandbox mode, If you've given them any special relaxwear etc take it back.

2. Save the game with all settings deactivated in a Vanilla Location. I.E. the standard lucky 38 suite, the Novac suite etc. not in a location created by another mod.

3. Exit the game and Uninstall the Companion SandBox mod, and Delete the .esp file

4. Reload the game and open the Save you created in Step 2. Save it to a NEW save slot. This new Save Slot is called the Clean Save (Yes I know it eats save slots but you can reuse them latter)

5. download the mod your trying to troubleshoots esp and install it again (this is because .esp's can sometimes get corrupted resources can get lost etc.

6. Reactivate the .esp

7. Reload your game and cross your fingers.

CHECK 5:Check the Comments/Discussion area of the Mod!

Many times Mod Authors or even other users will have identified and answered common questions or problems in the comments section of a mod. Searching through it at least a couple pages BEFORE asking questions can save everyone a lot of time.

If that still doesn't work either the mod you're using may be "broken" or you may have to wait for another play through. Sometimes values in Save files get lost, corrupted changed etc. and just don't work right. One of the downsides to modding is there are so many costume builds out there that it just won't work for some people.

CHECK 6: Contacting the Mod Author
Do this LAST not first! While this mod has been beta tested extensively by myself and others i am always happy to hear about new genuine bugs. When contacting any mod author to report a bug there are a number of things you should include:
1. A very detailed description of the problem, exactly what isn't working, what is working, when did it stop working, did you get any error messages, did you get a Crash to Desktop etc?
2. When did you download the Mod and which version are you using. Some mods have multiple versions.
3. What version of New Vegas are you using, Steam, D2D, etc. do you have New Vegas Script Extend installed NVSE etc.
4. If there is a conflict or problem another major Mod, DLC etc. exactly which mod is it conflicting with and what resource is conflicting. Resource ID's are fantastic .
5. Additional Relevant information, I.E. your mod worked fine until I did quest XYZ then it stopped.

Finally be patient and respectful Mod Authors have lives, and we don't get paid for this stuff.