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Makes use of a German Shepherd texture and the Police Cyberdog parts.

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Also available in Russian from ModGames. Thanks to Metalordian for translating!


UPDATE: Aug 21, 2012

Rex's police lights now properly glow at night. Also made some changes to all textures.

No .esp required. Simply extract all files to your Data folder. If you want to use optional files such as Lighter Parts or Muzzle, then install the main file first, then overwrite with the optional file.


Update: Uploaded a few extra textures.

It always bothered me how undetailed Rex's mechanical parts looked. I mean, it was alright but he seemed much less detailed than my other companions. This retexture makes use of from Fallout 3 and from Old World Blues. Fallout 3 and Old World Blues are not required to use this retexture. The red and blue lights on Rex's back, unfortunately, do not glow. They work properly in version 2.

Simply extract the folder into your Data folder and make sure Archive Invalidation is turned on. You also have the option of downloading other textures under Optional Files like lighter cybernetic parts. Install these after the main retexture.

To uninstall, delete the textures/creatures/rex folder.

Also check out Authentic Cyberdog Retexture.